Thursday, December 15, 2011

Using YouTube Videos to Learn

YouTube is an amazing resource for writers. And really, for everyone! In fact, my son decided to learn some card tricks yesterday. He's now got me totally stumped by what he can do. Plus, he's also mastered making a card disappear. All by watching videos.

I recently watched some videos on knitting for research for a book proposal. Just to find ways to describe the needle work (because it's been years since I knitted).

I've gone to YouTube when I wanted to see someone making kale chips (my new favorite snack!). I've gone to find recordings of some church music when I wanted to blog about it.

And, of course, I've often watched hilarious videos just for the fun of it. My favorites are the funny pet videos. I also enjoy inspirational ones. As a Christmas treat, I'll share one with you today. Have you visited YouTube often? What about for learning something?


  1. I have used YouTube for research and fun too Missy! We really are in the age of knowledge at your fingertips :)