Monday, December 12, 2011

Where We Are

Lindi here.

I recently heard about a blogger who posted a review of a book that wasn't favorable. I can appreciate honest opinions. I have no issues with reviews and this post isn't about that.
What this particular reviewer stated was that the author didn't dig deep enough and lightly touched on certain subjects.
This is what I wanted to address. Most authors I know dig deep inside them for the stories they write. What might be deep enough in someone's eyes isn't deep for someone else. And while this reviewer was disappointed in this aspect of the story, I'm sure the story was perfect for someone else. God knew who was going to read this book and so I know this book filled the purpose God had for it.

What I took away from reading about all this, the review and author's response was this-
As readers we must think of where we are when we read a book. We must think of the message it has for us at that time. I read Redeeming Love about 2 months ago. I've heard about that book for years, was told more than once I should read it. But I didn't forever. I know God knew when I should read that book. It touched me in ways I can't begin to tell you about.

So, again, this isn't about posting negative reviews or not liking a book, this is just to say think about where we are in our lives when we are reading.

What books have you read that really touched you? Do you think part of the reason it affected you so much had to do with the place you were in life? What you were going though?


  1. Really good point, Lindi. I can't think of any specific examples, but there have been several occasions when I've read something that just blew my mind. (This is also true for music, both in song lyrics and composition). Then, I would read the story again (or hear the song again) and think, "why did I think that was so deep? It barely scratches the surface!" I've also written things that I thought were just SOOO deep at the time, and again, when I come back to it later, I think to myself "that wasn't that great." I never really thought of it the way you just expressed it, though. We are all in different places in our lives, and we all go through different places in our journeys. If we're faithful and continue to allow God's Spirit to speak to us and reveal Godself to us, we will be in completely different places than we are now in the future. Our lives are not static; our lives are living! And, the beauty of it is, it's not even linear. There is no "more advanced" or "less advanced." Our experiences simply "are." It's like we're wandering around a vast field of beauty with a magnifying glass. When our glass is trained on a specific flower, we can see the intricacies and depth of that flower. When we move on to the wee little bug crawling on a blade of grass, we can see the intricacies and depth of that bug. If we look towards the flower again, we won't see all the detail and how the petals so perfectly and evenly surround the center. It will just look like an ordinary flower. That is because we're focusing on the bug now. But that doesn't make the flower any less beautiful; it's still the same flower! :)

  2. Lindi, great post. And yipbug, I love what you said! It's so true. God touches us in so many ways and know exactly what we need at the exact time we need it.

  3. Lindi, I think this criticism has become part of our culture. Celebrities are under the microscope constantly. And I don't think people realize that those they are criticizing are real people with feelings. I can't imagine how young actors deal with it.