Monday, January 30, 2012

Bachelor Ben-Week 5 and Perfect Timing

Lindi here:

Well after last week I'm not sure what's happening. Ben, Ben, down to earth Ben, come back down to earth! The girls that are warning you about other girls aren't the 'bad' girls. They're trying to give you a heads up--but since I think you go skinny dipping with the girl they were warning you about, I don't think you took their advice to heart. I could make a joke here but I won't.
Not sure I'm too anxious about watching that part of the show. Probably will DVR and fast forward through the Courtney/Ben date. :(
I read an article where Monica, the girl who Ben did not give a rose to last week, said talking to Kacie B, who already was acting like Ben was her boyfriend, was hard to do. Monica felt like she was stealing Kacie's boyfriend.
Monica said Ben was a great guy she'd like to hang out with, but wouldn't be so keen on dating.
She got her wish.
We'll wait for Mindy's recap tomorrow to see how it 'all' plays out.

Now---part 2:

I'm coming upon the end of my manuscript. I'm still finding things out about my characters. I kind of write without an outline--then I get to go and work all these very cool finds in. When I say work them in, I mean give the reader some heads-up and segueing into these 'finds' of mine. I also realized, just this morning, that in my time frame Easter happens and Mother's Day. Since my heroine isn't all that keen on God and has a rocky relationship with her mother, these I'm already envisioning how these extremely special days come into play. And the timing is perfect for my story.
Has that ever happened to you?

Lindi P. Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning

Oh, and happy birthday, Cuz! I miss you much. :) RIP


  1. Lindi, I write without an outline either so I understand exactly :)

    Sorry I never knew Wendy, she seems like she was very special lady :)

  2. Eva--I love writing without the outline!
    And my cousin was so special. I really miss her.

  3. Happy Birthday Wendy! She was a sweet, inspiring gal! RIP