Monday, January 9, 2012

The Bachelor Week 2 and Theme Songs!

Lindi here.
Starting off with a Batchelor Ben update. First off, I LOVE this picture of Ben. :) I love his smile-I love that his T looks a little wrinkly. Natural.

I must say there is one word that describes the first episode of The Bachelor.


Some of these women are unbelievable. You are probably reading this thinking--duh? But I use the word unbelievable with great meaning here. I don't think some of those girls are believable--their motives, their words. I think some want to be in front of the camera. That seems to be a theme in these shows lately. I think some just wanted a diversion from life.
Who knows?
There were a couple of girls that I thought were really out of their element. Those are my favorites.
And of course there is a resident drama queen, who I'm not spending time and energy typing about.

My fav by far is Britney. I also like Lindzi, Kacie, Nicki and another Casey. I think Ben is partial to brunettes, so we'll see how that turns out.
I'm one of the watchers that doesn't watch for the drama. Honestly, it's annoying to me. I usually DVR so I can fast forward through the stuff that gets on my nerves. I like the one on one time--and the group dates are very interesting depending on what they are doing.

So, that's my recap from last week. Stay tuned to see if my fav's return! Or to see if my fav's change.

Now on to this weeks other post.
Theme songs for your manuscripts. I know we've talked about this before but I love talking about it, and Christy posted a couple of videos and I wanted to continue in the same vein.

I'm working on a manuscript now that is the first book in a trilogy. I also know a whole lot about the second book. The third book, I don't know too much info yet. But it will come--and I'm not going to write it until I'm done with books one and two, so there's time.
But when I do start writing it, I will have a theme song for it. I have no idea now what it will be, but you know I'll share it here when I do.

My first manuscript, Rich in Love's theme song is Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. Not only do the lyrics give me inspiration, but the whole fast-paced vibe of the song inspires as well. I love the whole idea of kissing in the rain, being captivated by someone,two different personality types trying to work it out. Love it all.

My second manuscript, Rich in Hope's theme song is Beautiful Things by Gungor. First, if you haven't heard this song I urge you to give a look-see.
Beautiful words.
Beautiful music.
Beautiful message.

All perfect for my book about someone who looses their physical beauty and has nothing on the inside to draw from.

What are some songs that inspire you? If you are a writer, do you usually have a theme song for a book? Maybe more than one. Maybe a whole CD. For my 2012 release Summer Song the whole Remedy CD by The David Crowder Band was what I listened to while writing the first draft.

Lindi P. Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. I've never heard of Gungor. Wow! it is a great band/great song. Love it.
    And, gotta love Taylor Swift. She's just fun!

    I haven't seen the Bachelor this year but I'll bet you're right... many of those girls are just trying to get camera time.

  2. Christy--Gungor is different--in a good way. I now have 2 of their CD's. Can't wait to listen to them more.

  3. I had a theme song on my first book but haven't had it so much on the others. I have had theme scents, though. :) A particular candle or oil I burn.

    I know, I'm weird. LOL

  4. Missy,
    I love scents. That's a great way to create atmosphere. Maybe I need to go and get an ocean breeze one for these 3 books set in Fla on the water. Great idea!! Thanks.

  5. Or, I'm sure Christy can hook me up with a Scentsy scent. Christy? Any ocean breeze--Floridy type scents you can suggest?

  6. Great idea, Lindi! Yes, she does! :)

  7. Oh, yes, Lindi, I can hook you up with some scents! I do like to write with a nice scent in the home. Of course, what that means is that I've cleaned the house and now that headache is behind me and I can write without worry. And, burn my Scentsy to sweeten the atmosphere!