Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bachelor Week 3-And When A Hero Does The Right Thing

Lindi here.

Okay--the quick run down!
First Ben goes on a one/one date with Emily. They have to climb the Golden Gate Bridge--something I would never do. They are both afraid of heights and this is a really steep climb--and they have to keep moving these clips along this rail to keep going--anyway, I would have passed out half-way up.
And she acted like she was about to, but then he kissed her--and somehow it made it all better and worth it and really?
They had a nice dinner and when they kissed fireworks went off.
The girls back in the hotel room can see the fireworks and somebody says "Oh, she so got the rose."
They were right.

Then, the group date went skiing on the hills of San Fran in their bathing suits. Yes, you read that right. (Missy!! Did some people you know watch a preview of the Bachelor? Ha!)
Anyway, the street, balcony and roof tops were lined with people watching. It was kind of painful to watch. Not as painful as the after-party, though. Courtney is really working Ben--and he's so SWEET! He tells Jennifer she's the best kisser--I think she needed a different dress. He kisses Rachel and gives her the group date rose Kacie was really wanting.

Then a date card arrives for Brittney--my fav! Brittney's not so excited though. The process is a little much for her and she packs and leaves. Ben doesn't really get it and now he thinks about how any girl could leave at any time. :(

So the one/one date goes to Lindzi. He seems to really like her and he takes her several places and she thought they were all 'very cool!' I"m not sure about Lindzi-what I like most about her is that she seems to really like Ben.

Cocktail party time--and Ben gets a visitor. Funeral director Shawntel from Brad's season.
She shows up and this really brings out the meanness in the girls who have it in them. As Taylor Swift sings---"Why you gotta be so mean?"
Ben, who is completely surprised, chats with Shawntel. The girls are really upset at the 'Newcomer!' Turns out she's sticking around for the rose ceremony. A couple threaten if she gets a rose, they're out of there! Ha--too good to be true. :)

Ben's first rose goes to Courtney--:( The second to Kacie. :)
After that it's blurred until the 'final rose.'

Shawntel is left along with a blonde, (Ben really seems to prefer brunettes), and Erika, I believe. The pressure is too much and Erika tries to faint. I don't think she really does, but she gets a lot of attention. Unfortunately for her not the right kind of attention from Ben who chooses not to give out the last rose.

All three go home and Ben tells the remaining girls they are going to Park City, Utah next week.
Maybe they'll put some clothes on and go skiing!

I did like that Ben didn't give Shawntel the rose--and if he wasn't 'feeling' it for the other two it was fair to say goodbye.

Don't we love it when a guy does the right thing? he looked like such a hero in the girls eyes! And I think he was.

Don't you love it when guys do things that just make your heart squeeze with joy? Is there something your guy--or your hero in a book has done for you lately?

Lindi P. Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. All that was packed into an hour Lindi? Seems like more :) How many more episodes are left?

  2. I hope the right thing means not sleeping with any of the ladies when that part comes. I don't think any of them should even be offered that option. And to blast the private night all over the world is horrible and humiliating. I don't understand how anyone still wants relationship after these seasons.

  3. Lindi, I can't wait to park myself in front of the DVR and watch it for myself.

  4. Eva---it's actually 2 hours--well with all the commercials it's probably just a little over hour air time.
    Very busy!!

  5. Ang,

    Who knows what happens 'behind those closed doors.' There's been a couple of people who said they'd stay the night to talk--but I guess only they know.

  6. Mindy--you'll have fun watching.