Monday, January 23, 2012

Bachelor Week 4 And Glad to Be Back At The Weekly Gathering of Believers

Lindi here.

Not sure where to start this week since I did the recap from Ben's Big Adventure last week. I think he's in a heap of something with all those women. he seems so genuine and I think there are a couple of genuine girls left--I just hope he picks the right girl for him-if there is one among the bunch.
Just a thought off the top of my head--Ben--don't pick someone who looks older than you. I'm not sure if Blakely is older than you or not, but she looks it. She doesn't look good on you. :) And she's a troublemaker.

Now, onto the other subject of the day. I was in Seattle the last 2 weekends and I missed the Sunday morning and night gathering of believers. And I didn't just miss it in the sense that I physically wasn't there, I missed it in my heart. I missed worshiping with others who believe. I missed seeing my friends and having conversations with them. I'm a gal who doesn't like skipping the weekly gathering of believers. I hate to call it church per say, because we are the church, but I think you get the drift.

What about you? What do you miss when you can't attend your church for a couple of weeks?

Lindi Peterson--Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. I miss the worship, the message, the ministry time....basically everything. I love my church family. My week seems a little off track when I miss Sunday morning.

  2. Susan, I agree. Off-track seems like a good way to put it. I do believe we need that community--it adds to our togetherness as in the Kingdom.

  3. I miss that good feeling of re-grouping :)

  4. I feel out of sorts all week when I miss. I just get a good start to my week if I attend regularly. I feel disjoined without it!

  5. Eva--I like that word--regrouping. :)

  6. Missy--I agree. It just doesn't feel right.

  7. The day just doesn't feel right when I miss. I've started going back on Wednesday nights and it feels good to be back on a routine. I hate to miss it. Especially since my hubby goes too, so it's a good time to be with him.

    P.S. I tried to watch the Bachelor last night, but it didn't pan out. We were stringing beads for my daughter's school project and I was concerned some of the scenes may not be too good. Is Blakely a blonde with bangs? I think I may have caught a scene with her and Ben. If so, I agree, she does look too old for him. Sorry Blakely!! Use Lancome - works wonders!!!

  8. Christy---sorry you missed watching last night. Blakely isn't the blonde, but I do agree, she looks a bit old for Ben--I think her name is Rachel?

    And I love getting together with the people on Wed. too. Neither of our churches have something on Wed night, but there is a little church in Ball Ground that is soon offering a discussion on the book of Acts starting on Thursdays at the end of March. I'm going to join that.