Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting on the bus

Angie here: Are you ready to get on the bus headed for the future?

School bus ferried senior boys to special Senior Night--the beginning of their future.
Today is the day for prayer, for planning the journey. Time to sit down and take it to God. I'm not sure the direction He wants for me this year yet and so have not set specific goals. But I'm at the station ready to "buy my ticket". I'm packing, getting dressed, and ready for the journey. I've been praying, but now I will begin planning with God's guidance.

I don't do New Year's resolutions. I set big goals based on those prayers and then break them down into my daily schedule to make them achievable. I've found this is most helpful and productive for me. But I stay focused and on the journey because the tasks for my goals are in my every day planning.

A few years ago, my son's senior class (fairly small school) had the boys get ready for Senior Night over at our house. Then the the bus driver (another parent) picked them all up in the decorated school bus. They took off to pick up all the girls at a few other houses. The parents all gathered at the banquet. The bus arrived with all the seniors on board, dressed to the hilt. As each one got off the bus, we parents formed a reception line. Photo ops and red carpet treatment! Senior Night honored the work these kids and families did to arrive at their goal of graduation. We celebrated!

Thinking about our goals with the bus in mind...
We go to a special place to get ready. (Take the time to prepare.)
We pick up everyone along the way and everything we need for the journey.
We arrive at the destination because we took the journey.
We celebrate. (The feeling of achievement is undeniably THE most fun!)

Major point: We must get on the bus to reach the destination and stay on the bus without getting off at a stop along the way.

Prayer: Lord, You know Your plans for me. Please help me to see clearly the road You have set before me. Lead me in the steps to reach the goals You have placed on my heart. Help me to not deviate from Your direction. Where do I place my next step? I'm at the crossroads, searching. Show me the way to go and I will go in it.
In Jesus name, 


  1. Angie, thanks for sharing. And thanks for the prayer. I just joined you in praying it!

  2. Great message and prayer, Ang!

  3. Great post - loved the ananolgy!

  4. I'm so glad it connected with you all. :) sometimes I need to remember to stay on the bus.