Friday, January 20, 2012

A State of Rowdy Disorder

A State of Rowdy Disorder.... That is one meaning of Mayhem.

Christy here, and I experienced some mayhem 6 days ago when I entered the world of Chuck E Cheese.

Back up a week before that... It's after Christmas. New Years has just come and gone, along with my mother's birthday... I am giving you this background to prepare you for what is next.... It is my son's birthday.  He'll be 2.... He is adorable, and everyone thinks so, not just this proud Mama, but to put it in perspective, he hit his 2's about 6 months ago.

William on New Years Eve, Post-Cupcake

I don't like to call them Terrible Twos because he's not terrible. He's just busy.

Super Busy.

Bathtime is a job in itself. The jumping in the tub, spilling water out of the tub, the splashing, the bubble eating, the jumping out of the tub, sliding onto the floor, running away from Mommy to where all we see is a flash of nakedness running through the house!

You get the picture. 

Back up to the Sunday before his birthday. The big day would fall on a Tuesday. Last year, for his big 1 year celebration, this was what my house and my whole town looked like:

North Georgia had to shut down. Snow in the South = Southerners think it's pretty but we don't know how to handle transportation.

Needless to say, William did not get a formal birthday party, aside from his parents and sister spending it with him and singing happy birthday while he devoured and destroyed his cake.

Back to the Sunday before William's Tuesday birthday.... I had to have it some place. 2 is a big deal, after all.... His sister had a birthday party, where we invited people and served food and cake, every year for her birth days. I couldn't allow Sweet William to have anything less. I'd been looking online and pondering possible party places.Chuck E Cheese was my selection. God Bless the company, they were able to schedule me a party the following Saturday. They do it all... I bring the cake. Perfect for this working mom who already feels stretched from one end to the other...

We invited 4 families. Everyone showed up. Sweet friends.

Now, to the party. William may have been overwhelmed. He wanted to stay where the games were. He wanted to climb up on the skee ball machine. He wanted to throw said skee ball whereever he could - DUCK!!

When it came time for pizza and the big show, William wanted to run off.

My husband and I made laps at separate times during a 2 hour period, chasing after William. The highlight of my time there... or low light, because it wasn't a "good" moment, but certainly memorable, was when William took off in a mad dash away from our table, through the throng of strangers and their kids, to an unoccupied booth. He promptly grabbed a drink from the table and TOOK A SIP!  


Germ city!!!!

Sometime after that incident, the little stinker fell asleep in my arms... long before the party was over.
The party table with other parties happening around us - A State of Rowdy Disorder, but, Lots of Fun

We were supposed to open gifts... I think I was chasing William at that juncture. 

Chuck E Cheese was a place of fun, of legalized mayhem. Poor Chuck E was assaulted right in front of me by some rowdy nine year old boy. Another little blonde girl followed him around with a glazed stare. For a moment, I thought I'd been caught up in someone else's nightmare.

Anywho, we survived. 

My husband, who can sometimes be picky and a little critical - but always my hero, praised my choice of party places, saying, "Yeah, this was a great idea. Never Again."


  1. Sounds like a good setting for scene. Lots of conflict!

  2. You are a braver woman than I ever was!

  3. LOL, Christy! We had many parties at Chuck E Cheese's! I loved it. The kids loved it. And I actually really like their pizza! :)

    give William a b-day hug for me!

  4. Thanks you all! We may do CEC in a few years, when William's old enough to enjoy it. We are considering a local bowling alley for Downey's birthday party in March. That should be interesting....