Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Subject Lines that Capture You

Missy, here. I subscribe to several online newsletters from businesses and websites/magazines. I often delete them without reading. But there are a few that I at least open to see what articles might interest me. Over the last couple of months, I've been keeping a list of those that attract my attention enough to make me click the links. It hit me that it could be helpful in titling our blog posts and author newsletter. Could also help us make our Tweets and FB status more intriguing.

So what makes me click through?

Some of the subject lines would be too embarrassing to admit! (They do tend to use some shock value to get your attention!) LOL Here are a few from email subject lines that I thought I'd share:

How to keep your new hair color from fading too soon

3 Must Follow Food Rules

Curried chicken with cranberries

What are the signs of mold allergy?

Hostess gift ideas

A caffeine addict's guide to the world

Upgrade your meat (really had me curious. In case you're wondering, if you go to grass-fed beef, you can reduce your abdominal fat {the beef provides an essential fatty acid that helps reduce it}!)

Free shipping on all orders!

Seven things every writer must do

Our Super Holiday Sparkly Tote is here (Yes, I'm a sucker for the word sparkly!)

Want to Eat Less? Try This Trick. (It's to use a larger fork! Can you imagine?)

6-Week Fat Melting Breakthrough

The Best 5-Minute Breakfasts Ever

Ten Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic (One thing he mentions is creating a killer headline!) :)

Okay, so what similarities did you see? (Besides the fact I love to talk and read about food--and getting healthy and skinny.) :)

Most of these subject lines offered me something. Knowledge. A bargain. Answers to questions. Solutions to problems I've had. So I think, in a nutshell, we need to tailor our blogs and newsletters to offer something people are looking for online.

Of course, that makes sense. And I already knew that. But it was interesting to me to see "proof." So, the hard part, now? Deciding what I know about, what I can offer. For me, that's always been the toughest question.

Ruth Logan Herne and I started a food blog, and I'm loving that! It's right up my alley. But my personal blog is pretty much stagnant. I need to make some decisions on that one, figure out what I can offer my readers.

What do you think? What topics make you stand up and take notice? What can you offer on your blog or in your newsletters?

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  1. Great post, Missy. I don't have a blog or newsletter...just a reader..but I really enjoy seeing the word "giveaway" an author's blog! lol

  2. Interesting Titles! Have you ever read titles from newspapers? Some of the titles are so bad they're laughable.