Monday, February 27, 2012

The Bachelor Week 8 And That's All I Got!

Lindi here.

We'll start off this post with this fun pic of Ben. Because that's pretty much all we've got to smile about this week. He sent my fav home and honestly I'm pretty sure he ends up with the 'bad' girl. But the 'bad' girl claimed she loved him last week and even set up a mock wedding ceremony. I'll admit, she is very clever. All the other girls had some alone time with Ben, then took him to meet the family. Not Courtney. No-she played it smart. She took him to the family straight-away, THEN had the rest of the day for them to be alone. Smart girl. Gotta love it.

This is it for today. How do you react when certain shows don't go the way you think they should?


  1. Lindi,
    This pic of Ben is better than how he looks in the show. I finally caught the show last week and saw a whole hour in the middle of it. I did miss the mock wedding Courtney set up but I thought to myself, this was too ridiculous. I am assuming he was impressed. I figured most guys would RUN!!

    Was it Kacie B who's parents were concerned with her living with him. I loved her parents and agreed with everything they had a concern on. Kacie seemed like a sweet girl, but I think she was wearing her heart on her sleeve and it was good he let her go home, HOWEVER, I'm disappointed because I think he let her go home b/c her parents were too rigid. He lost points with me there. If he truly loved her, he would have kept her around and tried to get to know her and her parents more. Just my opinion!

    Yep, I'm disappointed when shows don't go the way I want. That's why, lately, I'm happy with watching Disney movies and shows with my girl as those always end up like I'd like ;)

  2. Christy--Yes, this picture of Ben is a good one. His hair can get kind of crazy. :)
    And yes, those were Kacie's parents. While I did agree with what the parents said, I wish Kacie B had told him that. Or maybe she did and they edited it out. I wasn't sure if the views expressed were her parent's views or Kacie's views? I do think it had a big part in his decision making. And they don't drink and he's a winemaker. Hmmmm..
    Anyway--I'll be missing it tonight, but am watching it Thursday night with my friend.

  3. I'm so out of the loop this season. But I did see he was down to three. Now, I guess it's two.

    I hope y'all don't end up too disappointed!

  4. Sorry it's not turning out the way you want it too! I hate that too :) When is the final episode?

  5. I try to rewrite the ending, lol.

  6. Missy--I know how it ends--and I don't think there's a fairy tale ending this year for anyone! :(

    But I still believe in love at first sight.

  7. Eva--well, I guess next week he'll be down to 2, so I think we have to watch an episode--The Girls Tell All--or something like that--then the final rose. Frankly, I'm ready for this to be over.

  8. Ang, I love it!! Maybe I'll do that for the last Bachelor post! How fun. Maybe we can ALL post an ending. I'm sure they'll be better than the real ending---because I don't think the real ending is a happy one. And you KNOW I love happy endings!