Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bachelor Week Six

Mindy here, and all I have to say is that this week's episode of The Bachelor was so much better than last week's. Courtney is still there--Ugh!--but I feel like the cream is finally rising to the top.

Kacie B., my fave, had the first one-on-one. She was told she could only bring three items. A helicopter took them to an uninhabited island and flew away, leaving them to fend for themselves. They had to build a fire, catch their food, and make the most of a challenging situation. Okay, so here's my warped mind. Nobody ever talked about going potty. This was a tiny island. Did they go in the water? Hide behind a palm tree? I'm just sayin'....

At any rate, they seemed to pick up where they left off in Sonoma and she got the rose.

The ever-popular group date was next. Ben took the ladies to a small tribal village where they dressed like the natives. For Courtney, this mean showing as much skin as possible, so they had to keep blurring out her body parts.

Later, once they're all cleaned up and back at the hotel, the women vie for some one-on-one time with Ben. When all is said and done, Lindzi--another of my faves, just not my top fave--gets the rose. Courtney is not pleased. She invites Ben to drop by her room later. Good for him, he never shows.

Finally, we have the two on one date. Blakely and Rachel get the honors. Blakely is excited for the opportunity, while Rachel fears being a fifth wheel. The date starts with Salsa dance lessons. This sexy dance is right up Blakely's alley, but Rachel is determined to hold her own.

Dinner is awkward. Ben, two women, and one rose. And Blakely is clearly shocked when he gives the rose to Rachel. No skin off of my nose. She too old for Ben anyway.

More drama plays out--I know that's hard to imagine--when Chris (the host) comes to the ladies suite and asks to speak with Casey S. Apparently, she's still in love with some jerk back home. Someone who has not intention of ever marrying her, yet she still loves him. She hoped coming on the show would help her get over him. It didn't. She tells Ben her story, he asks her to leave. Fine by me.

That means only one girl will go home at the rose ceremony, and after a really awkward kissing session, Jaime is let go. The only bad part was that Courtney got a rose. However, it looks like things might be coming to head with her next week. Not sure how it will pan out, I only know how I want it to end. And I do mean end.

Now for a little fun. Here's a pic I took in my office. Seriously, I just walked in one day and this was what I found. Don't worry, it's only an air soft gun with the orange tip broke off. But as soon as I saw this I thought, "There has to be a story here somewhere." You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about 60-80,000 words? Any ideas?

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Oh, yeah, Mindy. I feel a tough lady cop series coming on! I think her name should be Mindy. :)