Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ben, Ben, Ben - Retreat, Retreat, Retreat!

Mindy here. Well, the best part about last night's episode of The Bachelor was the setting. Switzerland. Totally gorgeous.

This was the week for the overnight dates. However, there was one little surprise when Kacie B. showed up to get some closure on her dismissal last week. She then went on to tell Ben to beware of Courtney. That she was there only to win.

Kacie leaves. Ben is conflicted. Still, in the end, he gives Courtney a rose and sends a heartbroken Nikki home. So we're down to the final two--Lindzi (she got the first-impression rose and has been one of my favorites from the start) and Courtney (can you say player?). Yeah, I have a pretty good idea this season is not going to turn out like I'd hoped. Sigh.

On a different note, I had a great weekend. My dear friend Becky and I snuck away for a much-needed writers' retreat. What a blast. We got plum silly but, more importantly, we were finally able to concentrate on our writing without the interruptions of every day life. We've both had a challenging few months and really needed some refreshment in our writing lives. I believe the weekend was a success. We wrote, we laughed, wrote, laughed some more, wrote, ate great food, wrote, laughed.... Okay, you get the idea. The only downside was that it was way too short.

When life gets a little too overwhelming for you, how do you revive yourself?

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Mindy, so glad you and Becky got away for a while! I'm envious. That would be the perfect way to revive.

  2. Sounds like fun Mindy!
    I just try to do little things to revive like no work days :)

  3. Missy, I'm ready to retreat any time. Just let me know.

  4. Eva, most times we do have to grab those little snatches of time. The unexpected. Who was the writer that used to write in her bathtub? No water, mind you, but when the kids knocked she could honestly tell them she was in the bathtub.

  5. I like that idea: writing in the bathtub... but my kids would barge in anyway! Glad you got to retreat! And do a lot of writing!

  6. I didn't watch, will catch up later, but my mom said the scenery was the best part of the show. :)

  7. Christy, you crack me up.

    Lindi, the scenery was spectacular. Reminded me of Ouray, my favorite stateside destination:-)