Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hometown Dates With The Bachelor

Mindy here. Well, today is one of mourning for Lindi and I. Yes, Kacie B., the girl we thought was Ben's forever, went home last night. For whatever reason, Ben chose not to give Kacie a rose. I don't know if it was her family, but we are all heartbroken by her untimely farewell. And there's a part of me that's beginning to think Ben will choose the girl we all loathe. The man-eating player, Courtney. I don't know. He still has two other decent girls--Lindzi, who won the first impression rose, and Nikki, who was kind of off the radar until the two most recent episodes.

So, as I'm toying with the idea of our Bachelor choosing Courtney, I'm thinking, "Why?" I mean the producers have done us viewers somewhat of an injustice. Okay, so I'm coming at this from the viewpoint of a writer. We're taught that even the most horrible character must have some weakness or redeeming value. Well, the producers have showed some video of Courtney getting a little weepy, saying how she wants to be loved, but it seems so contrived. Not heart-felt at all. In other words, if they're attempting to make us feel sorry for her, to embrace her in any way, they have failed miserably. I mean, come on, since you know how it ends, give us some reason--via editing--to cheer for this person.

Yep, a valuable writer's lesson to be learned there.

Now that we are closing in on the end, I'm beginning to care less and less. Just when did I become so cynical? Why can't we just have a happily ever after? I guess that's why I write romance. Everyone finds their HEA.

What about you? Are you a sucker for a happily ever after? Do you love love? Don't answer that, Lindi. We already know you and I are on the same page. Do you have a favorite love story? Please share.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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  1. I meant to comment on this last week, Mindy. Nikki seemed nice, but struck me as very serious very soon. I wanted to back away from her and tell Ben to do the same. although he seemed to hit it off with her parents. Lindzi seemed like a good fit for him. Loved the horse/buggy ride she took him on!