Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Dance... Just Do Something!

Christy here, and I started to title this post "Off Kilter" because that's how I've felt the last few weeks (months). I've ended one job and started a new one... this was a company decision and not my own... but I'm not complaining. I'm grateful to have a job.

Plus, I decided to become a Scentsy consultant and while that doesn't take up too much time, it does take up some time in planning and preparation.

And, I'm still writing... because writing is my passion and we writers can't live without writing, right? So in beginning the new job, and the added expense that comes with holidays and birthdays and new business ventures, treading new waters and wondering if you can stay afloat or if this life raft is going to deflate any minute, I've been wobbling for some time. I'm not sure I'm completely on solid ground yet, but, I'm definitely seeing that island in the distance. (Or, is that me staring at Seeker's Unpublished Island?... Scratching my head here.)

Anywho, this post has nothing to do with any of that. The other night I was really frustrated with myself. I'm tired of feeling tired all the time. I'm tired of feeling all floppy and flabby. I try to eat better and with having less money because expense are up, your spending goes down, so that equals less eating out money. Since I'm a gal who ate out a lot due to work and lack of planning in the mornings, it's a win-win situation to reduce my eating out money and opportunity. You can make smart choices by eating out but more likely than not, you're choosing to eat unhealthy because it's cheaper and quicker. In reducing my spending, I reduced unnecessary expenses. I just canceled Weight Watchers online subscription. I've been with them long enough to know what I should be eating more of and what needs to be reduced drastically. However, I still wanted a way to track my eating and activity.

I ran across WebMD. Under their fitness tab on they have a tracker sort of like the Weight Watchers idea. Except, you are not counting points as you are in Weight Watchers. I loved the Weight Watchers plan and really feel like that is the best eating plan out there. It encompasses healthy eating and exercise and it really works if you stick to it. Web MD allowed me to enter my weight and height and weight loss goals. It calculated my Body Mass Index and told me how many calories I need in a day to reach my goal weight. You can enter your activity in here as well. You can enter your food, including restaurant food choices and it takes away the calories from your daily total. The program is very much like Weight Watchers

AND ITS FREE! check out and look under the health/fitness tab.

Tell them I sent you. It won't do any good, won't save you any money, but you can tell them!

Oh yeah, back to the title of my post, since I took you down that long and winding rabbit trail... Just Dance is the title. This part is about excercising. I discovered Just Dance 3, I've got it on my Wii game system, on New Years Eve. Here I am, on the far left side in the blue shirt, with my sister in law and our kids dancing with the game. I had a blast. As you all know, I'm a "Diva at Heart" and love to perform. Just Dance took me back to being a kid and dancing in my living room. Once again, I was on stage in high school, dancing in a musical.

One thing I discovered with Just Dance 3 is that you will sweat. They even have a setting where you can either Dance or you can Sweat. This Sweat feature will allow you to set a goal each day. Give it a try. Just do something to get yourself moving!!!

Oh, the baby's up, gotta run....


  1. Always a treat to read your posts Christy! Good luck! I haven't tried that video yet but did try the Wii fit and it was fun:)

  2. Christy, that's great to hear about WebMd! Thanks for telling us about it.

    I've done Wii Dance with my daughter! It is fun. And I even beat her one time, which about drove her crazy. :)

  3. Thanks Eva!

    I haven't tried the Wii fit. I think Mindy has that and the board...

    LOL Missy, I beat my daughter too! She can't stand it! I try to let her win... sometimes ;)

  4. WII dance makes me sweat on the regular version. I can't imagine the sweat setting. I'd probably be a lump on the floor. But I love the idea of dance as exercise. I dislike exercise, so at least dancing makes it seem fun!

  5. I think I'm like you, Lindi. I really don't like to exercise, so incorporating it as a game/as dance, is making it more enjoyable.

  6. Christy, Danielle got Just Dance for Christmas and the whole family has had a ball. I love the Wii.

  7. There's another app called that does a lot more. You can friend people, look up all sorts of brands, and it tells you encouragements like if you eat like so, you'll weigh such-and-such in 5 weeks. You can put it on your phone and take it with you everywhere :-)