Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stress Antidote

Angie here: What do you do when the world seems to crash in on you like waves thrashing the rocks?

Waves thrashing the rocks.jpg
Stress raises cortisol, adrenaline, and blood pressure. Too much for too long, these physical changes can, and do, cause heart problems, stroke, disease, and injury. Your mind shuts down. Often depression and poor judgement result and your productivity flops into the gutter.

The actual stress antidotes to lower those horrible heart damaging physical reactions helps with productivity and clear thinking. Use a stress antidote to release tension, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, sleeping problems,irritability, and more.

It seems counterintuitive to stop and laugh or lift your spirits, but that's exactly what must happen to reverse the building stress reaction in your body. 

Stress antidote: Blowing off steam.
Humor, humor, humor! Watch comedies, take a break and look for some funny Youtube videos, or share joke telling coffee breaks and lunches with friends and co-workers.
You know, it's really about self-care.

Oh I know what you're thinking, "If I do that, I'll waste time and not meet my deadline."

Nope. When you do that, you free up your brain and become more creative. Problem-solving is much easier, you are less constricted, and approachable. Approachability invites teamwork and opens your mind to the suggestions others may make sparking an entirely different train of thought.

What if all those humor ideas aren't accessible?

Plan in advance to be creative. For instance, I own a penny whistle. Yes, I play it. No, not very well. But I pull it out and concentrate on music. It takes all my concentration. My brain switches into a different pathway. Often, I laugh spontaneously at odd notes.

Another idea is to get organized and reduce your stress because clutter isn't driving you to insanity.

The antidote to stress is to allow yourself a few minutes of absolutely different concentration. The restorative value of lost time by blowing off steam with a penny whistle or a few minutes of comedy will be multiplied enormously in the productivity.

Are you willing to try something completely different for both your health and your productivity?
Fine, don't believe me. But what if I'm right?

What would you be able to do if you doubled your productivity by reducing your stress? What if you tripled it? Is it possible? 

It is. Proof, you say? You'll read it April 2013 when Abingdon Press releases A Healing Heart. What does that have to do with anything? Everything. I used stress antidote humor techniques to write this book while working, healing from a car accident that caused sprained neck, back, and shoulder. I was also recovering from pneumonia, editing a quick turn-around book for a client, and coping with an intense fear of driving after placing my mark on the world.
Leaving my mark on the world.jpg
I look at the photo now and it seems so much smaller, especially from across the road. Of course it's taken a few weeks after the accident (and we are looking at the bottom of the mountain). That alone stuns me. My car created a hole on the mountain several feet wide and long that didn't disappear in the weather.

But changing directions mentally made it possible for me to complete my novel.
What will you do for a stress antidote?
Or will you just keep on keeping on and expect things will turn out differently from the path you're on? For me, I couldn't take that chance.


  1. That accident certainly was a 'change of direction' and frightening but...oh dear a shakeup isn't always so bad.

    When I need a laugh today I'll think about you and your penny whistle, Angie!

  2. Angie, we love to watch funny pet videos on You Tube around our house. It's just what the doctor prescribed! :)

    Hey, Debra! Good to see you today. :)

  3. Someday I'll play an Irish jig for you all :)

  4. Great post, Angie! Will be looking for your book next year...will it be available for Kindle??

  5. Thanks, Jackie.

    I do believe A Healing Heart will be on Kindle. Abingdon has been great with getting their books up there :).

  6. Ang, my favorite daily stress reliever is taking a hot bath. Oh how I love my baths. Especially with a great book to read. :)