Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bachelor-Week 1 Too Many And Writing Courses

Lindi here.

Well, this week we get to watch the girls chat about each other. This is an episode I don't always watch, but I will this year.
Like Mindy said, last week Ben let Nikki go. She was my last hope at normal for Ben. I just don't see him with Lindzi--they don't look right together. And since Courtney's still on the magazine circuit--well.
Also, there was an US issue with Ben of the front and the word 'Cheating' plastered under his chin.
Kind of reminded me of Courtney and her 'Winning' mantra.
So Ben's cheating and Courntey's winning.
Go figure.

Now onto a much more pleasant topic. Writing courses. I'm piggy-backing on Christy's post. The Plotting Via Motivation (PVM) class starts today and I'm so excited. I took this course last year and am taking it again for help with another story. Laurie S. is such a gifted teacher.
I haven't taken too many online courses, but the ones I have taken have been very helpful.
What about you? Have you taken any good online courses? Do you have a particular website you go to for classes? We'd love for you to share.


  1. I'm looking forward to starting the writing course too! Glad you are participating, Lindi!

    Speaking of Bachelor, I usually don't watch the upcoming episode either, but it may be worthwhile this time around.

  2. Christy--I will see you in class-and Dianna, too? So excited!

    And these Bachelor girls already laid it all out during the show, but it'll be interesting to see what else they have to say.