Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bachelor Week-The End

Well, this is the last Bachelor post for 2012. I know we're happy, so you must be happy as well.
And yes, he chose the 'bad' girl. But honestly, they seem like they're in love, so I love love, so I hope they're happy. At then end of After The Final Rose Ashley and JP came on stage an announced they were getting married within the year. :) I like JP!

So this is it. The dramatic ending everyone was waiting for happened. And now everyone wants to talk it down.

For me--I hope Ben and Courtney are happy.


  1. I didn't watch it much this year, but I got so tired of hearing the word "vulnerable." They have no idea what that means.

    And they have no idea what true love is.

  2. Lena--you're right. :) That was the over-used word. And people wanted other people to be vulnerable--and every felt vulnerable-I think you're right about them not knowing what it meant.

  3. There's no way it can be true love in that setting. But the show somehow manages to suck me in each time--although I missed this whole season. I think I've decided I like The Bachelorette better for some reason.

  4. I think it's not right to compete for love. I think it's very demeaning. So the shows have a kind of voyeuristic quality to them. We all hope for love. But I think the competition makes it unrealistic. All their lives the other 24 people will play a part of their relationship. How many arguments? How many private wondering moments? Ew!

  5. Missy, You didn't miss much. :) I think the real test comes when there's no lights, cameras and action going on.

  6. Ang,
    It seems it would be a problem for a while. You just have to have the type of personality to let it go--or you would be depressed.