Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Practically Perfect A-Z Blogging Letter "P"

Angie here:
Heroes, heroines, characters that become bigger than life. Why?

It's not about a flawless person. Practically perfect characters are flawed all over the place like real people, only a little more. They live out poor decisions on the screen (of our mind) until through a series of events, the person we've come to know grows beyond who they were at the beginning of the book.

The man who lived for himself comes to a point of sacrifice. The woman who thinks all is about her beauty realizes the joy of an enriched relationship in sharing her inner beauty.

Too often in our real lives, we hide behind practically perfect facades to portray an impeccable person to the world. But think about the mistakes.

Have you ever made a mistake that took you down a notch? Then it raised up many opportunities to reach out and change a life?

I have. I've belittled myself and then found out how miraculous is God's plan when exactly that mistake helped someone else. I think I'd rather not be perfect. It's in the practically perfect moments that heroism abounds.

Please share how a mistake turned into a practically perfect moment to help someone else.


  1. What a great point, Angie! The first thing I thought of was one time years ago when I came in my Sunday school class late, in tears, because I'd had such an awful morning trying to get the kids ready (they were very young then). Then I looked up and saw a visitor in the class! I was so embarrassed. But she told me later that she decided to stay in the class then, because she saw someone who experienced the same problems she did and was human. :)

    Yes, I've VERY human! LOL

  2. Thanks Angie! I've missed checking in the FAITH girls and this was good time. God has been speaking to me about the masks we wear. Also, my prayer this morning was "God, help me see what you can do through me because all I can see are my mistakes and lack". Praise God He is faithful to encourage us!

  3. It's so easy to over focus on our shortfalls. But I love Joseph's response to his brothers in Genesis. "What you meant for evil, God meant for good..." He goes on to say how it saved lives (70 immediate family) but then how it changed generations of lives too. An entire nation came from saving one family. How encouraging it is that God uses those things for our good! And remember, Joseph was a pretty self-absorbed little brother telling his older brothers they'd bow down to him and flaunting special clothes none of the others ever got from dad.