Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gone Climbing

Mindy here. I'm in Ouray, Colorado this week on a research trip for my WIP. And you'll never guess what I did.

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I went ice climbing. You see, Ouray is the ice climbing capital in the U.S. And my heroine is an ice climber. So, naturally, I had to put myself in her crampons.

The weather here has felt more like May than March, and their ice is rapidly melting, so I was blessed to get the opportunity to climb.

So what was it like? Hard. You have to get the footwork and pick action working together. I had a hard time with my feet. Getting the spikes of the crampons dug into the ice at the correct angle.

There is a harness and rope attached to me, so I wasn't worried about falling. To get back down, I simply repelled.

My guide, Danika, ice climbs all over the world and was a wealth of info.

So once again, writing has pushed me beyond what I thought I was able to do. But now I can truly know how it feels to be in my heroine's shoes.

How far will you go for the sake of research? 

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Girl--not sure I would do that! That's high up! And I bet it was tough.

  2. Oh holy cow! But how cool! I love research and that it pushes us as writers to explore. I really want to go to Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, and several other places for research. Ice climbing? Not so much. ;)