Thursday, March 15, 2012

My New Office

Missy, here. Have I shared my new office with you? I don't think I ever did because I was saving the reveal photo for a guest post on the Pink Heart Society blog.

For years, I worked on my laptop on the couch. And I loved it. But my "office" kept creeping across the sectional and taking up cushions (books, folders, notebooks, etc). My family did NOT love my encroaching. :) Here I am in my favorite spot to write!

Finally, at Christmas, my son suggested I turn the dining room into an office. He even offered to help me move all my stuff. I decided to take him up on it! For all of January, my books, papers, files, notebooks, etc. were in piles on the dining room table. But I had a nice new chair and room to work. Then before I was to blog about my work space (and share a photo!), the threat of humiliation kicked me into gear to actually get organized. :)

Here's the finished product! I'm loving it. Although, I still like to take my laptop to the couch every now and then. :)

Do you have an office? What's your dedicated work space like?


  1. The guestroom doubles as my office, but I prefer the sofa until the laptop gets so hot it burns my legs. I like your dining room idea--plenty of surface space.

  2. Before we remodeled, I had been snaring an office (extra bedroom) with my husband,which meant I didn't get a lot of work done if he was home. When we remodeled, I took the "formal living room" as my office and I really love it. Except it has a wide arch for the opening - and no doors. I'm thinking of hanging a sheet!!

  3. Thanks, Christy!

    Diane, I had the same problem until I bought a Mac. I used to have to use a lap pad, and went through two or three that had little fans in them that helped a little. But now I don't have any problem at all. The Mac gets a little warm while charging, but never bothers me. :)

    Edwina, I had to laugh at the idea of a sheet! :) I'm lucky that I can tune pretty much anything out. Except for when my hubby's home for lunch and talking to me. Of course even then, he can hardly get my attention out of my story world. :)

  4. Brilliant idea of maximising or turning your dining room into a home office! Do you still have some place to eat? Hehe :)