Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Unusual Tithe

Angie here:
What do you consider a tithe? 

Most folks think money. Then some think time. Right?

Writers, artists, contractors...I've met many folks who offer an unusual tithe with either their product or services too. I know writers who tithe articles, time helping with charity newsletters, and volunteer as mentors. I know a media personality who tithes her services to assist local fundraisers as part of her cheerful offering to Christ. I also know a contractor who intentionally looks for a needy family to donate home improvement each year

From so many, I learned tithing isn't about dollars and coins. It's about giving of your "first fruit". Something specifically from your heart. Something deep, not surface or simple, from the authentic you. Something connected with your identity, the very identity God gave you.

30" long, my hair was about to become an unusual tithe.
I decided I could give an unusual tithe too. Something very connected to my identity. So I donated a year's hair growth to Locks of Love. I admit being extremely nervous to cut off so much hair. But my friend, Janet Bierer of Red's Salon in Hamilton, MT helped me gain the confidence by saying, "I hate to waste good hair when someone else could use it." What a fun quote! 

Suddenly I realized it wasn't about me. It was about giving love and dignity to someone else. I lost all my nervousness and smiled as she snipped off each measured ponytail. My only personal criteria was that I needed to be able to pull the remainder back in a ponytail for exercise and coaching exercise.

Here's the series of ponytails ready to go to Locks of Love.
What's the most unusual or creative tithe you've ever given or inspired you?


  1. Ang, I love the new cut. :) I would say right now my most unusual tithe is making sure, however it needs to happen, that we have book club books for the ladies who can't afford them. I scour used book stores, beg my friends.
    In fact we have a book club meeting tonight and my author friend, whose book we are reading next month, gave me a discount on the books for the ladies.
    I love how everyone pitches in. :)

  2. I love that idea, Lindi. It's very connected to your identity too. But it's not just the books. You spend time finding them. You inspire others to get involved in the giving. That's adding exponentially to your gift.

  3. Angie, I love your new length hair!! It looks so cute. :)

    Interesting post! I feel so strongly about tithing that it's the first check I write when I get my royalty/advance checks! It's such a joy to finally (after more than 10 years) make money from my writing and to be able to share. :)

    I guess the most creative thing I've done is donating time to help someone plan/get started writing a novel. Fun, huh? :) I donated the sessions for a silent auction to raise money for a mission trip. One of my friends bid and won for her and her daughter. :) They both want to write a book!

  4. I do similar with coaching., Missy. I donated a month of coaching to ACFW for the upcoming silent auction at the September conference. :)