Friday, April 27, 2012

#AtoZ Challenge - X


Good grief.

What a letter.

I can only come up with words like X-rated (which we don't talk about here because this is a wholesome blog where kiddos may be reading ;) )

X-Ray is another word that is decent and technical.

The name Xander is one I used in a past story for one of my heros. I borrowed that off Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the kid named Xander. Do you remember him?

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What X words have I missed that relate to books, movies and TV?


  1. Would you believe I've never seen the show??! I've heard so much great stuff about it. I need to find it on Netflix and watch.

  2. haha. Xanadu. To my mind one of the worst movies ever. I had a roommate in college that made me sit through it.

  3. Missy, I used to have the Buffy series DVDs... if I have them, I'll loan them to you :)

    Kristi - Xanadu! oh, me! I've heard of that one but never seen it. Thanks for reminding us!