Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z Blogging: "D" is for Heroic Dogs

Angie here:
Can a dog be the hero in a romance? 
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails brought Louie to mind. He's the heroic mutt in A Healing Heart coming out April 2013 in the Quilts of Love series from Abingdon Press. Fiction is based in reality. And so is Louie, the story's border collie/lab. The fictional dog character is based on our amazing family pet as is the memory quilt for graduating seniors.

Louie, the heroic dog, with a real memory quilt for my son's graduation.

What makes a hero? 
Someone who is bigger than life, makes decisions because it's the right thing to do, and battles against insurmountable odds despite personal risk. 

In A Healing Heart, Louie can do some amazing tricks. But the real Louie inspired them. He could jump through hoops, dance, and obey commands to hand signals. You'll see quite a few of these fun moments in the book. Often Louie learned a new trick in one or two tries then never forgot them. He could leap tall fences, race at top speed of 35 mph (clocked on my speedometer), and protect us from coyotes. Yes, he really did.

Fictional Louie does many of these tricks. But one will stand out beyond all others because just like the real Louie, he his heart makes him do the right thing against all odds despite personal risk. Yes, the dog becomes an important heroic character. Pet lovers are going to enjoy the part he plays. I loved writing him.

Tell me about your dog.
Any heroic traits or amazing tricks?


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my post :)

    I loved this post! That book sounds so good :) I have a springer spaniel, a breed that is meant to be super smart, right? Well, she can sit, so I guess that's a good start. Then she has ignored every other single trick or obedience lesson apart from that she can spin round in a little circle on demand. Useful. She also somehow learnt to recognise the word 'super delicious' and will lick her lips and sniff your hands and spin repeatedly if she hears you say it. Crazy dog :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. My dog is crazy as well--I won't go into it here--but trust me on this one.
    I like reading about dogs in books, though.

  3. If you haven't checked out Nikki's blog today--do it. It's great!!

  4. Roflol! Nikki, your dog sounds adorable. And I signed up to get your blog in email :) the next book I'm working on has Swedish immigrants. So I have a feeling your blog will be great research for me! But you are a delightful blogger.

    Lindi, I believe you. I think we need some future posts about your crazy dog...

  5. I love my doggies, but they don't do too much that's amazing! :) Other than offer unconditional love--which is heroic in itself!

    I do have to say one of my dogs is very sympathetic. If I'm crying, he'll come to me, worried about me. I think he's trying to comfort me.

  6. Love the real and fictional Louie's character traits! We have two dogs. Lady is a very loving Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue dog - she's older and sweet, and these days her best trick is smiling and thumping her tail. Our beagle pound puppy Jumper can jump, get into any trash container (not the best trick) and find just about anyone.

  7. My cousin would love you. She shows ridgebacks all over the country. Our Louie once ate 5 lbs of home made jerky off our counter :) we found out when he burped on us. I might have to have a dog do that in another book ;)