Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-Z Blogging... the Letter "Q"

Missy Tippens, here. Welcome back to more of the A-Z Blogging Challenge! I hope you've been dropping by some of the other blogs taking part. I've found some great ones!

Today's letter is "Q", and the first thing I thought of in regards to heroes and heroines is how they never quit! They grow through the story until they're finally ready to face that last challenge. And then, they're ready to face it and handle it.

I also thought about the fact that as writers, we can't ever quit. We have to keep trying despite rejection and setbacks.

It took me over ten years to make my first sale. I quit along the way...twice. But each time, I couldn't stay away. Once, I quit for about 30 minutes. And then I got a call that my manuscript was a finalist for a Maggie Award. I knew God was telling me not to give up. :)

So...we can't give up. And we can't let our characters give up.

Have you ever wanted to give up your writing? If you're at that point now, I hope we can encourage you to keep at it!


  1. Sometimes its easy to quit... but as the old saying goes, anything worth having isn't easy to obtain!.. or something like that ;)

    I've quit several times myself... but I've made too many good friends during this journey, I figure I might as well stick it out just to have a good excuse to hang out with such cool people.

  2. Christy, we won't let you give up! :)