Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A-Z Challenge - C is for Conflict

Mindy here. I don't know about you, but I don't like conflict. So when I first started writing--finished my first manuscript, then joined a writer's group--and people told me I didn't have any conflict, I thought, "Well, duh! Why would I want conflict?"

Ah, the naivety of a new writer. Then came that "Ah-ha" moment when I finally understood the concept of conflict. It's not about arguments or butting heads. Nor does it involve bullets, as my husband thinks. Of course, that depends on your genre.

Since I write romance, conflict tends to come from within. Oh, sure there can be some external conflict, but what keeps the heroine from giving in to the hero, is often rooted to something deep inside of her.

In my current WIP, the heroine finds there are so many wonderful things about the hero. However, he reminds her of the last person she thought wonderful and how he let her down. Okay, not just let her down, but flat dropped her on her bum, causing her to make the toughest decision of her life. "I like him. But I can't like him, and here's the reason why."

After plugging away at this for nearly ten years, I've grown to enjoy conflict, in a weird, convoluted sort of way. Maybe it's that I get to live my own internal conflict out through my characters, as opposed to head on.

How are you at conflict? Like? Love? Abhor?

Let's hear your story.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Hey Mindy :) Thank you for your comment!

    I like conflict in literature, especially inner conflict. I hate it in real life though, if there is some kind of conflict going on between friends I want to go and hide in a cave!

    Great post, I'll be visiting again tomorrow!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. Like Nikki (welcome, Nikki!) I avoid conflict in real life but have been working on doing better at putting it in my fiction.

    I love writing internal conflict but have more trouble with the external. I'm learning more about putting my characters in difficult situations. And if they have opposing goals, all the better!

  3. Nikki--I'm with you. In real life--less conflict equals happier Lindi.

  4. Sometimes I find plenty of ways to open up my characters conflict; so many that I have to remove some of them - it's how to work that conflict out that causes me the most labor. In real life I am learning to face each turmoil as it comes. Good post.