Monday, April 30, 2012

A-Z Challenge Z-Zenobia

Can you believe it's the last day of the A-Z Challenge? It's gone by so quickly! Well, we end with the letter Z. The only book I've read with a character name starting with the letter Z is Beloved by Bertrice Small. First let me say Ms. Small doesn't write Christian fiction. Back in the day she was an auto-buy for me. Every time a Bertrice Small book came out, I was purchasing it. She wrote one of my fav series ever, Skye O'Malley. Then there is Beloved with Zenobia. What about you? Do you remember reading any books with a character whose name started with the letter Z? And who was/is currently an auto-buy for you? Thanks for hanging out in the A-Z Challenge with us!


  1. The only woman I have heard of the a Z name is my aunt Zelda. I can't recall one from fitction. Thanks for your visit.

  2. You know me, Lindi. I never remember character names--not even my own! LOL

    So I'll just say it's been a great month and thank everyone who stopped by!

  3. Francene---I saw a huge sign with the name Zelda on it this past weekend. Not sure what it was for, although it might have been a psychic. :)

    Ang--I like Zola.

    Missy, it has been a great month. :)