Monday, April 2, 2012

A-Z WC-Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails-B

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails-B is for Brett.

As in Brett Hamilton, the hero in my Rich In Love novel coming out in May 2013. Brett is an accountant with a mission. Literally. He has slowly been fading his business, which he inherited from his father, out and when Brett is done with his last client, my heroine, Ann/Angelina, he is moving to Peru to become a missionary. Since Ann/Angelina's mom emotionally abandoned her for the mission field this causes a bit of tension between the two.

But Brett is gorgeous, smart and everything a girl could want in a guy. Except his heart is ready to travel world-wide to help others.

I really enjoy writing this character. I mean, he's not perfect, and he has his issues, but I love that he loves Jesus and his heart is ready to embrace others to share the name of Christ.

What is one of your favorite attributes to write about when creating a hero? Or if you are a reader, what kind of guy do you like to read about?

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  1. Lindi, I love the heroes you write about!

    My favorite attribute to read about (or give to my heroes) is probably protectiveness. Also bravery.

  2. I like heroes of all kinds, but I love it when they grow emotionally and in faith. I love to meet, talk to, and read about men who have enough confidence to know they have a lot of learning and growth. It not only makes them humble, but real. I've met a lot of people, not just men, who think they must hide behind false bravado. They're so busy hiding that they never have a chance to grow and become someone significant. I mean someone who is living out God's plan in their lives. They're too afraid to embrace the person God made them to be and the purpose written in their DNA. So I love heroes that figure this out and begin to live out their life purpose. (I love to see heroines do this too.)

  3. Brett sounds like such an amazing multi-dimensional character! Best of luck with your book! Julie

  4. Lindi, I can't choose just one type of hero but I love Brett's last name :) Funny, my grandmother's name is Angelina! :)

  5. Missy--I like the attributes you've listed. I love bravery!


    Ang--I agree--watching a person grow is an amazing adventure for me as a reader.

  6. Hello empty nester---thank you. I still have to write the end--which hopefully will have him doing all the right things. :)

    Eva--Hi!! How fun that your g-ma is named Angelina. :) Does she like her name or have a nickname?

  7. I love heroes, but I am finding that I like them to have some depth to them. I want them to grow through the conflict and be knowledgeable about something, anything. It makes them more heroic for me. I like for them to be plenty economically secure, too! lol