Thursday, May 31, 2012

Equal Time with Each Child

Missy, here. We've been focusing on mothers this month, and it got me to thinking about how we try so hard to treat each of our children the same. How we try to make sure they all get the same amount of attention.

But sometimes, it's just difficult. We have different interests--different tastes in books, in TV shows, in favorite activities. Some kids are more social and spend more time with friends. Others spend more time at home--and interact more with the parents--or not! :) No, our kids aren't carbon copies of us.

This can sometimes lead to what I like to call Mom Guilt. I suffer from this often from time to time. :) Especially when one of my kids tries to lay on a guilt trip by pulling out the favoritism card.

Well, this week, I have an easy job! My oldest is now living in North Carolina after having graduated and accepting a job there. My youngest is at camp this week. So I have an only child!

I just called him to come in and pick something for us to watch on TV together. He politely declined. He's  building something online on Minecraft.

Oh, well, I tried! And now I feel guilty once again for some reason. Maybe it's time I learned to play Minecraft...?

Who here besides me has suffered from Mom-guilt? (or wife-guilt or sibling-guilt or friend-guilt or...)


  1. Great post. My daughter always called my son 'The King' because she said he always got what he wanted. She said I gave in to him all the time. Not sure about that--but that's how she saw it.
    And like you, I have a son that's out of state. :( But I think he misses me--he asked me when I was buying a ticket to visit and was it going to be soon.
    I'll have to tell the girl I'm off to see The King! :)

  2. LOL, LIndi!!! That sounds so familiar! :)

    I hope you get to go visit soon!

    BTW, I have an update. After I put the post up last night, middle child called me in to see what he'd built on Minecraft. So I ended up spending some time in there, learning how he builds such massive structures. Maybe it'll help him later! He wants to be an engineer.

  3. What is minecraft? I'm so out of the loop on apps and games!

    Lindi, i'm sure if your son is the King then your girl is for certain the Queen... My two certainly rule the roost around my house!

    Missy - oh yes... guilt is my middle name.

  4. Christy, it's an indie computer game where you build worlds. He started in on it pretty early, when I think it was still a beta version.