Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Now What?

Well, our A-Z Writing Challenge is over. We did it. Yay! And some of those letters were tough. Way to go, ladies.

However, today I find myself wondering what in the world to blog about. As I look outside my office window, I see the trees give way to a stout southerly wind. Their leaves rustle with excitement. The fragrance of spring blooms wafts through the window, eradicating the odor of the bleach I used in the kitchen this morning. The air is heavy with humidity, though. A hint of summer.

Yes, this is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and...clean my office?

Oh, just shoot me now.

I don't get it. Here I've been purging cupboards and closets, getting rid of anything I don't need or use. Yet when it comes to doing the same thing in my office, the place where I spend most of my days, I avoid it like the dentist.

So today, my procrastination will cease. Cleaning my office is on my to-do list, so that means I will do it. Maybe I'll play a few tunes to get me moving. Some Chris Tomlin. Adele, perhaps. Goodness knows I'm rolling  in the deep:-)

Yes, I think May first is a good day for some spring cleaning. I'm ready to scratch this off my list and be done with it.

What's the one job you tend to procrastinate on most? Why?

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. My answer is easy: any housework!! LOL

    Mindy, I hope you're successful in your office! I need to do the same.

  2. Girl--I spent 5 hours last Saturday cleaning out my closet. But it was worth it. Not sure I feel the need to go any further, although I must admit cleaning my office did cross my mind. But I think it crossed to the other side. ;) And left.