Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Perfect Mother, Perfect Daughter

Angie here: Our interview with Roxanne Packham today... Her book was featured last week on our blog. Pictured below are moms and daughters from one of Roxanne's Teen Blessing Teas.

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Angie: I just have to ask because I love supporting orphans. Has your book been able to provide anything substantial for the orphan ministry in Romania?

Roxanne: All profits for the book go to Heart of Hope Ministries International. The book is a gorgeous full color, high gloss, photo coffee table book for $40.00--$15,000 to the organization already!

Angie: I LOVE that! Wow,I'm excited about the success you're having. Yay! That kind of money goes a long way over there. Is there a way to see the book for folks online?

Roxanne: On Pinterest- roxannepackhaminspireddesigns -and anyone can download 10 pages for free.

Angie: What would you say your book, Inspired Designs, is most like?

Roxanne: I'm told the closest comparison is Emily Barnes. I love doing my own photography, but the photographer for this book has taken photos for places like House Beautiful so the pictures are spectacular.

Angie: Tell us about your Inspired 31 group.

Roxanne: Inspired 31 group meets about every 6 weeks, 6-7 times a year, not during holidays or summer, honoring mom/daughter busy times. I’m not losing my daughter when she goes off to college {to the world}. I wanted to show other women they didn’t have to live in a mold. Daughters seem to listen well to other mothers. So we bring them together. Moms feel they can help each other in supportive ways by sharing the same concept one mom has been trying to get across. Teenagers have opinions. We give them experience on what it’s like to run something in these meetings so in Inspired 31, we don’t try to run it for them. They’re getting the experience to help them in college.

Angie: Oh interesting, how do you work with the teens to help them share an opinion, but gain experience?

Roxanne: You can’t just say something you don’t like. You have to have an idea or discussion toward the solution. Complaining is outlawed. I use questions and solutions like--
“And how would you fix that?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well then that’s your job for the next meeting, research that and let us know.”

Angie: I can see how that would be wise with teens. They're part of the solution, but they're asked to step up and not leave it to someone else. Roxanne, Tell us about the events.

Roxanne: A Teenage Blessing Tea is really popular. Our last event had over 300 in attendance. There’s so many messages our teenage girls and women need to hear and want, but they’re getting one dimensional messages.  Tea and scones with special speakers with amazing Christian women who could show the daughters amazing women doing amazing things across the wide gamut of opportunity. Women who are bakers, doctors, newscasters, a variety of talented women so teens learn they can serve God in the way that He has made them, with their talents and gifts. Not just celebrities, all walks of life.

Angie: How do you keep the event focused on the event and not the frustration of the work?

Roxanne: For the teas, I only choose one food to keep the focus on the event and not on the prep and clean up work. The girls had the utmost respect for the moms on the steering team after they learned all the work they moms put into the event. {Roxanne laughs} The girls get really tired, but they have a great time.

Angie: You have a tagline that sums up what you want to share.

Roxanne: Teaching teenage girls, mothers, and others to find, follow, and celebrate God’s path for their life.

Angie: Roxanne, we really connected with a like-minded heart even though you're way over there in California and I'm in Montana. What do you suggest for other women who'd like to connect with like-minded sisters?

Roxanne: I suggest Women In Christian Media, it's always right before the NRB (National Radio Broadcasting) as a great opportunity to meet interesting women. Listening to incredible deep teaching from these awesome women is inspiring.

Angie: Roxanne you have a heart for the teens, other moms, and the Romanian orphans and your create these amazing events connected to your Inspired 31 group. How do you keep yourself encouraged for ministry and life?

Roxanne: Through prayer and reading scriptures.

Angie: Is that what you did for your book?

Roxanne: I spent an hour in prayer every morning for a year and did not act on anything until the year was up in the planning for this book. This book created deep time with my daughter. We did it quietly and didn’t tell anyone what the project was about for 2 years.

Angie: What would your daughter say about all this?

Roxanne: She'd say she loves getting to know the other moms and girls, admires the other women, and loves listening to the others.

Angie: What a delight it's been to have Roxanne here with us, and more so for me in the time I spent on the phone with her for our interview. May God bless your ministry, Roxanne.

Roxanne: Thank you for having me.

Angie: Here's all the scoop on where to find more on Roxanne Packham and her work.

BLOG: inspireddesignpublications.blogspot.com www.inspireddesignpublications.com
Heart for the teens, other moms, and the Romanian orphans.


  1. And and Roxanne--great interview. I love the way you are relating with moms and daughters. The tea sounds fabulous.

    Thanks for being here and sharing your heart with us, Roxanne!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic organization! Roxanne, thanks for the interview!