Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reflection on Mother's Day

Missy, here. I know Mother's Day isn't until Sunday, but I wanted to go ahead and wish all of you mothers (and those who are mother figures) a wonderful weekend!

When my kids were little, they would make me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. And it was no easy feat, because my husband was always at church early, before they got up. They had to do it by themselves! Of course, that only made it more special. That and the fact I could hear them banging around the kitchen, sometimes fussing with each other. Usually the oldest bossing the other two around. :)

My oldest will be graduating from college soon. And you know, now that I think about it, I don't believe I've had breakfast in bed since he moved from home. Maybe I owe him the thanks for those crazy breakfasts (the last one I remember consisted of a frozen waffle, scrambled eggs, toast with jelly, a banana, milk and orange juice). :)

So today I'd like to honor not only mothers, but also thoughtful kids who take the time to make their mothers feel loved with food, painted hand prints, scribbled messages using kindergarten spelling, cards with dripping glue and massive amounts of glitter, slobbery kisses, tight hugs, laughter, snuggle time...and yes, even a college diploma.

Now that my son is graduating, my job is done. Well, at least this phase is complete. I like to think this is a job that'll last a lifetime. :)



  1. You know, Missy, I've never received breakfast in bed. Been the deliverer of, but not a receiver. Sigh.

    Or not.

    I think I get more joy out of fixing them a great breakfast and seeing their surprise:-)

  2. LOL my kids would be surprised too. :)