Thursday, May 3, 2012


Missy, here. May is the month of Mother's Day! And this month we'll be talking about mothers.

Angie talked about the mother-daughter relationship yesterday. So I thought I'd continue the topic with something I love doing with my daughter. Shop!

We went out on Saturday to find a dress for the upcoming Anchor Club Mother-Daughter banquet. She was only recently invited to join the club, so this is our first banquet. I was so excited about it, that I shopped for a dress as well. And without too terribly much pain. (We did miss lunch, though!)

My dress
Sometimes we get impatient with each other. Sometimes we get frustrated if we never find anything that fits or that we like. But this past Saturday, we both had success!

There's something about shopping together, whether we buy anything or not, that creates a bond. Hours spent talking and trying on. Asking for an honest opinion (which a daughter will give, believe me!). And I guess part of the bonding is sharing a meal together.

My daughter's dress.

After our shopping expedition (remember I said we missed lunch!), we were starving and hurried over to Steak & Shake for dinner. We bonded over patty melts and the best French fries around. Then we stopped at Menchies on the way home--my new favorite addiction! I now have her hooked as well.  :)

By the way, we came home and tried on our dresses for the guys. My son laughed and asked if we meant to match! We hadn't really paid attention to how alike our dresses are. :)

Do you like to shop? And if so, alone or with someone?


  1. Okay, we just had a laugh at how much rounder my dress is than my daughter's!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous time Missy! I love shopping with family members too! :) Have fun at your banquet! I think it's cute you both have similar tastes!!

  3. Beautiful dresses! Sounds like a fun shopping trip.

  4. Enjoy the banquet; the dresses are lovely. Also, enjoy shopping with her...they grow up and move away too quickly! My dd and I loved shopping, but now she is too far away.

  5. I will, Jackie! I know how fast it flies by.

  6. Missy,
    I love both those dresses. They are beautiful! Hey, your black wedges will go with your dress, no?

    I'm not a huge shopper, so Brenn and I don't shop very often. I think we eat a lot together. :)