Monday, May 14, 2012

Writing On Moms

Lindi here.

After one of my critique partners read a third manuscript of mine she asked what was up with me and moms. She said something like all the moms in my books are strange.

Well, as you read last Monday I have a really great mom and step-mom. And I get along well with both of them. So no, I don't have strange moms. Not really sure why I write them.

In Her Best Catch, Allison's mom is turning fifty and acting like a teenager. In my second release, which is coming out my month's end, Summer's Song, Summer's mother isn't the kind and nurturing type. At one point in the book she tells Summer, (the heroine) this: "I do want what's best for you Summer. I'm just not sure being a mom is what you're best at." Yeah. She says that.

In my May 2013 release Rich In Love, my heroine's mother abandons her for the missionary field. Something my heroine has a hard time getting over. So I don't know what it is about strange mothers.

What about you? If you write, how are your family dynamics? Do you have a trend? If you're a reader what kind of family dynamics do you like to read about?

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  1. Lindi,
    Interesting topic. I am finding most of my main characters have dysfunctional back story. One story, Mom was a traveling actress. Another, Mom died in a fire due to Dad's whiskey Gin catching fire in the basement. There's an abusive dad in one and a selfish dad in another who staged his own death to avoid people who were going to kill him anyway. Then, when it comes to writing the story, I find I have a hard time putting enough conflict between H/Hn. I want them to be together, already... and its no wonder, with backstories like these :/