Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Famous Weddings

Mindy here and I love weddings. Probably because they're all about love and, like Lindi, I LOVE love. We just can't help it. We're romance writers.

Through the years, there have some memorable weddings. Ones I can still see in my mind's eye just at the mention of their name.

Who can forget the marriage of Prince Charles and then Lady Diana Spencer? I remember waking up early for this one, eagerly watching, praying they'd say their vows and make it to that balcony before I had to leave for work. As a young woman, I saw it as a dream come true for Diana. After all, what young girl doesn't dream of finding her Prince Charming? (Yes, it didn't end up so happy, but we're only focusing on the good parts today :-)

Fast forward thirty years and we're treated to another royal wedding. I watched this one with just as much anticipation. Yet it was different. While there was still the hoopla of a fairy tale wedding, this one was more real. Sincere.


 And then there was the wedding of Luke and Laura. This union resulted in one of the highest daytime ratings ever. The entire fictitious town of Port Charles came together for this one.

Bachelor/Bachelorette fans everywhere still revel in the marriage of Ryan and Trista, the only proposal that ever went the distance on that show. However, there are those of us who still hold out hope that others will find true love.

What were some of your favorite weddings? The ones that will always stand out in your mind? 

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Love these weddings. One of my fav TV weddings is the Nanny--where Ms. Fine married Mr. Sheffield! Love.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've loved these too!! I remember my whole college dorm being in an uproar over all the Luke and Laura hoopla! LOL

    I'm a big sucker for royal weddings. Get up at all hours of the night/morning to watch!

  3. I had to go and watch most of these after the fact. I accidentally slept through Princess Di's wedding. I'd tried so hard to stay up. Then Luke and Laura's wedding was hard to see because I lived in Spain. Our tv was almost 6 months behind the US. But it finally showed up. I did watch Prince William's wedding and thought it was lovely. You know, I went to a wedding last weekend of a friend. It was really beautiful. The priest spoke a blessing over the couple and then the congregation sang a blessing, then the priest spoke, then we sang. It was so moving!

  4. I've been a wedding coordinator for, ahem, more years than I care to admit to! I've coordinated weddings from very small, intimate gatherings to large, lavish affairs. There is always something special and unique about each one. And then there are those about which I shall write a book someday...like the one where I had to throw the stepfather out of the church...or the one where the groom was 45 minutes late to the wedding. The priest was just about to announce that the wedding had ben cancelled when the groom showed up. I've got stories that would make your hair stand straight up!

  5. Edwina--Oh!! I would love to hear those stories. How fun, uh, I mean interesting. :) We'll have to chat someday about it.