Monday, June 4, 2012

June-The Wedding Month

Lindi here.

June is here! The month of weddings. According to Hallmark, August is the busiest wedding month.

But the June tradition goes way back. Even to the days when women would get married in June because they could get pregnant and have the baby in time to be able to recover so they could help harvest.

Times have changed. I'm not sure too many women living in my area are thinking about harvest times when picking their wedding day.

Not only is the wedding month steeped with tradition, so are a lot more aspect of the wedding itself.

For example, the wearing of the garter and then having the groom take it off. I like this tradition because I love to see the single guys gather in that group, you know the one it takes about 20 minutes to gather up? (In great contrast to the 2 seconds it takes the single gals to gather for the tossing of the bouquet!)

When they finally get those guys gathered in that group, it's a matter of who can get farthest back. Who can actually not be seen by the groom as he gets ready to sling that pretty blue garter toward the pack that would rather see the pretty blue garter land on the ground unclaimed.

One of the funniest 'traditions' I've seen is when the poor guy caught the garter they made him come to the center of the room and stand in front of the gal who caught the bouquet. Now these two had never met before and the guy had to put the pretty blue garter on this gals leg---with his teeth. Fun stuff!!  (Yes, fun! Remember I'm in the crowd, not on the stage!)

So, that's a funny wedding 'tradition' story for you. Now I know you have on for me. Please tell!


  1. I'm not much for the garter tradition. In my family, on my mom's side, there has developed a strange tradition. The last female to get married sticks her finger in the cake/icing at the next wedding, without getting caught.

  2. Cynthia,

    I love that your fam has started their 'own' tradition! And what a fun one to start! Does anyone ever try to capture the gal sticking her finger in the icing?
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cynthia, what a fun tradition!

    I love watching the women wrestle over the bouquet! :)

  4. Don't think we have any photos of the tradition in process, but have attempted to photo the effect on the cake. Taking a photo of a finger smudge in a white cake is difficult. :)