Monday, June 11, 2012

Runaway Bride

Lindi here.

I loved the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Funny stuff. And a dream plot as far as we writers are concerned. Julia's character could not commit. At all! (Did you ever notice the guy who she was running from ended up being the lead detective on Law and Order, SUV?)

Anyway, her character couldn't commit to a long-term relationship which led to a lot of conflict. There were so many funny moments as well. It was well balanced.

I write romance novels AND I try to inject humor into them. I try to steer clear of clumsy heroines, so that's not where the humor comes from. But I try and interject verbal responses or thoughts that will make the reader smile or even laugh on occasion.

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

Do you like to read books that are really angsty? Funny? A combination?


  1. Lindi, I like this movie too. I'd almost forgotten about it!
    You know, I'm getting where I really look for humorous books. I like to giggle. I like to love the characters and root for them. I'm typical reader who wants happily ever after. Now, if a writer can make me laugh and cry.. well that's an awesome combination. ;)

  2. Christy--I agree! I love to have all the emotions come forth while I'm reading a book.

  3. I love a book with both laughter and tears. Movies that way too. I like to be taken on a journey with mountains and valleys. It makes the end so satisfying. I love to write books with both humor and tears to connect with the heart of the story and the reader to my heart.

  4. I love both, too! But they don't have to be in the same book. It's nice, though, when they are--and it works well.