Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi!! Lindi here.

Today I wanted to throw some congratulations out.

One--as Christy mentioned on Friday's post, Dianna Shuford won The Laurie Contest in the Inspirational category! Dianna has guest blogged for us before and we are thrilled at her news.

Also, our own Christy LaShea is a finalist in the Duel on the Delta Contest in the Inspirational Category.


I've always loved entering contests--glad to see these 2 friends are loving them, too.

Congratulations again Dianna and Christy!!

What are some of your favorite contests to enter and/or judge?


  1. Thanks for the shout out Lindi! Congrats Dianna!!
    I was so excited for her to win! And tickled about what Missy commented in the other blog post about her Laurie Win coming at a time when she needed the encouragement. This "final" was definitely encouraging for me!

  2. Both of you are fab writers. And God does know when we need some encouragement to come our way. :)

  3. Thanks Lindi and Christy! Yes, it is very encouraging to win a contest, especially when entering alongside other super fabulous writers.

    Christy- you're next!

    I love entering any contest that gives critiques from other authors. Too me this is invaluable because we all need to be open to how others view my work. There's always room for improvement. When I judge contests, I also try to give positive and constructive feedback to the entrants. To me that's the best part if contests. Other than finaling and winning, of course.

  4. Dianna, I love judging contests as well. I love to read the beginning of what I know are going to be great stories. Plus, I always learn so much.