Friday, July 6, 2012

Interview with Love Inspired Author Cheryl Wyatt

Christy here, but it's not really me today... Dianna Shuford is back, sub-blogging for me. And TODAY, we are so excited that Author Cheryl Wyatt is visiting FAITH. Her latest release from Love Inspired, The Doctor's Devotion, is now available. Dianna is graciously giving away a copy. Leave a comment for Cheryl to be entered. We'll announce a winner next Friday! Now, here's Dianna interviewing Cheryl!

 D.S....Tell us about your writing journey. How long have you been writing?

C.W....I’ve written since I was little, but started seriously learning the craft of fiction 14 years ago. 

D.S...What do you enjoy most about writing?

C.W....I love the rewriting process best. I think the story really comes to life after the initial draft is down and all the layers and emotional depth start coming in. I love that part.

D.S....What’s your writing process. Do you write a fast first draft then revise, or do you revise as you go? Plotter or Pantzer?

C.W....Absolutely have to write a fast first draft. The longer it takes me to write a book, the worse my edits are. LOL! I sit somewhere between punster and plotter. I have to know my characters and their goals, motivation and internal conflict before I start. I know a few scenes and do sketch out a scant scene index, but new scenes always pop up as does external conflict to impede the characters from reaching their story goals. Once I know my characters, the plot sort of takes off as I write. I’m always surprised.

D.S....Can you share a memorable encounter with a reader whose life was touched/changed by one of your stories?

C.W....Every letter I receive is precious to me. I feel very blessed to be able to write and interacting with readers is the icing on that cake. However, the most memorable letter was an email from a retired couple who told me they’d driven through my story area in Illinois on their way to Florida. They’d driven around for HOURS looking for the unmapped military base featured in Wings of Refuge. They told me they planned to look for it again on their way back through. I quickly sent them an apologetic email, because they’d used their gas to look for a fictional military base. They responded with, “Ha-ha. We realize you probably can’t tell us where it is because of security reasons. But if you could at least give us a general idea of its coordinates and if the planes are bunkered underground or what, we’d appreciate it because we’d really like to catch a glimpse of it.” There were several back and forth emails and I’m not quite sure I ever convinced them that Eagle Point Air Base really does not exist. It made me feel good that I’d made it believable enough to be real to them. Though I still feel bad about all the gas they wasted and wonder how many hours they looked on the way back through! 

D.S....What’s a fun quality/quirk you have that no one else knows about?

C.W...I am OCD and a nurse, so in public, I can’t take the top napkin or tray or plate in a restaurant buffet. I won’t take the front newspaper either because I just know someone probably sneezed invisible germs on it. LOL! My husband nicknamed me Miss Asepsis after our first few dates. 

D.S....What advice would you give an unpublished author?

C.W...Stay humble and teachable. Write like crazy and never stop reading. Never stop learning. Know that this industry has its ups and downs but if you feel called by God to make a difference with your fiction, don’t let anyone discourage you, no matter how experienced they are.

D.S...The Doctor’s Devotion is the first in your new Eagle Point Emergency Series. Can you tell us about this series? What inspired this story and/or the new series?

  C.W...My editor inspired it and I’m so thankful. She knows I have a nursing background and asked me to write a medical miniseries. Since military romance is part of my brand, I incorporated that in by making the trauma team be former military combat medical personnel who come home to open a trauma center in a small town. They loved the idea and Eagle Point was born!

D.S....Where can readers find you on the web?

C.W. or I can often be found plotting mayhem with readers on my Facebook page, dedicated to readers:

I LOVE interacting with readers! 



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  1. Great interview!

    Thanks for being on FAITH, Cheryl. And thanks for filling in for me, Di!

  2. Hi Christy and all Faithgirls!

    Thanks, Cheryl, for being gracious in allowing the interview. I've enjoyed reading your book, and I know others will, too. And, I loved the story about your readers who came hunting for your fictional military base. Priceless!

  3. LOL, Cheryl! I didn't know you were as weird about germs as I am. :) Ask Lindi how I act at hotels! I won't walk on the floor without my house slippers. LOL

    I'm loving your book! Am reading it now!

  4. I typed another comment but it disappeared. So, pardon me if it shows up twice. LOL!

    I wanted to thank you ladies for hosting me. I enjoy your blog.

    Blessings to all!

  5. I love the "sound" of Cheryl's latest....the cover, too! I have read some of her books, but want to read more! Thanks for this chance!

  6. Hi Jackie! Thanks for visiting. I like Cheryl's books as they always have something unique about them. I tend to like to read about the military too.

    Check back next Friday for the winner.

  7. Cheryl--thanks for visiting us. I'm so like you about taking the first of anything!

    Your new series sounds great!