Monday, July 23, 2012

Learning Curves and Dedications

Lindi here. A week ago Saturday I got a new phone. It's an Android and I LOVE it! But I never knew getting a new phone would require SO much knowledge about so many other things. Like computers and networking. It literally took me six days to figure out how to sign into Blogger. And I'll be honest, I didn't FIGURE anything out. No, I discovered it by accident.

You see, once I put my email on my phone, a whole realm of things happen in the Google world--things I didn't expect or know how to deal with.

So now I know what the phone store guy meant when he looked at my old phone and then at the one I was buying and said "Wow. You have a huge learning curve ahead of you." He wasn't joking.

 But now I can do those things everyone else is already tired of doing.

 Angry Birds.

Words With Friends.

Oh, and I found a game, Drop Words. It's lots of fun.

 My daughter and her guy also got the same phone this past weekend. So we were all at my dad's yesterday trying to figure these things out.

Here's a picture of me and Cuz Wendy--just felt like posting this today. Summer's Song is dedicated to her---just thinking about her a lot lately.

 What kind of phone do you have? Do you love it? Do you do EVERYTHING with it? I'm still learning! Maybe you can tell me a fun game to download. (Like I need more time-wasters, huh?)


  1. YAY!!! Lindi is able to post again!!

    I LOVE my fairly new iPhone 4S (got it in May). I'm still learning to use it.

    My favorite two apps are HoursTracker to keep track of my writing projects. And My Fitness Pal. Love that for keeping track of my food and exercise. Maybe they're available for Android.

  2. I am excited as my hubby bought me an iphone 4 this weekend. He has a droid & thought i would like the iphone better. So far, pretty easy to use & i'm commenting via the phone! I hope to be back in touch with everyone now! Happy u got a new phone 2 lindi!

  3. Hi Lindi,

    my phone is about 5 years old... I can play Chuzzle or Bewjelled on it, or Suduko. That's about it. And I can find directions with difficulty if I get lost. It works and it has great coverage, so I'm keeping it.

    Although when I see my sister using her iphone I sometimes get a little jealous. So many cool things it does. I can jailbreak them, and I know myself to well. I reckon I'd get a fancy phone and fiddle with it and probably brick it! :)

  4. Lucy, the phone I had before this was several years old as well. I had hung in there with it, but the battery was starting to go. I couldn't make it through a whole day without recharging. I was so into learning my new phone and playing with Siri that I nearly had a wreck. So it can be a hazzard!

    My kids, though, are always hollering for a new one once they're eligible for an upgrade. We're now a five iPhone family!