Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Time!

First, I'd like to thank Pastor Riva Timms for being on our blog over the weekend. If you haven't had a chance to read Saturday's post, you should go back an read it. The Olympics are on! I will admit that so far, I haven't seen much of them, basically because I haven't been home. The weekend found me gone all day Saturday and Sunday. But, I do plan on watching this week. I'm always a little in awe of all the competitors, their strength and dedication. It's awesome to watch someone live out their dream. Because whether they win a medal or not, I know just being in the Olympics has to be a dream come true. So, what about you? Are you an Olympic watcher? What are some of your favorite events to watch. Lindi P....hoping to get caught up on all the events this week.


  1. We love watching in our household!

    We love gymnastics and swimming. Were watching volleyball over the weekend.

    I love it all!

  2. Hi Lindi:

    I’m not a big fan of tape-delayed events. I’m not a big fan of predeterminism either. It’s like the difference between seeing history being made and watching a newscast of the event later. But the TV rating are very high so this must not be a problem for most viewers.

    What I’m waiting for is a return to the poetry contests that used to close the games back in the day.


  3. I love the Olympics. I think these athletes do amazing things that start in their minds through intense focus. I love the beauty of the sport and the beauty of the performance in all the sports.

    The Faith Girls are all about living out your faith in your life, all aspects. I really enjoy the beauty of how so many of these athletes share how their faith matters in the dreams they live out.

  4. Hmmm... Vince, are you serious? When did the poetry contest take place? Interesting....

  5. Christy, I was going to ask the same thing! Interesting, Vince.