Monday, July 9, 2012

The Red Shoe--Every Girl Must Have A Pair

  Lindi here.

My step-daughters and I are really close. They often give me clothes and shoes. They say they are cleaning out their closet.
I say they're keeping me in style.
A couple of weeks ago, Melanie gave me a bag of goodies and these darling shoes were in the bag.

Honestly!!  Who can resist these darling red shoes? It was then I realized I didn't have a pair of red shoes.

For shame!!

Every girl ought to have at least one pair of red shoes.

Dorothy did. Of course, she was being chased down by a green witch because of them, but it I'm gonna say it was worth it.

I looked on the google images page and found this great picture of a 'flapper style' shoe from the 1920's.
I have a series proposal in mind, and one of the books features a dancer from the 1920's. Fun and research all at the same time! Can't beat that.

So, what about you? Do you one a pair of red shoes? How much fun are they?
If not, please tell us you are going to get a pair soon!


  1. Guess what?!? I don't have a pair of red shoes! I like flats and almost never wear heels but I know what my next pair will be! Fun post


  2. I used to! But not now. I think maybe I need to remedy that. I love the shoes Melanie gave you!

  3. Those are DARLING shoes, Lindi. Love the gingham.

    I have two pairs of red shoes. Not enough, if you ask me. They are fun. I guess they're the female version of the red "power" tie. You just feel different when you where them.

    Okay, that settles it, I need a new pair of red shoes.

  4. SW--looks like there's a red pair of flats in your future. Nice!

    Missy--yes, we will remedy that!

    Mindy girl--2 pairs. :) I have to catch up!

  5. I'm not surprised Mindy has the shoes... the girl loves shoes and has some cute ones from what I've seen!

    I had a pair of red shoes, flats, they hurt my feet. I still have another pair of satin red ones from a wedding I was in.

    Love your gingham reds!

    I personally love sandals, specifically flip flops ;)

  6. I have 2 pair also. One is a cute heeled sandal an the other a red/black plaid flat I wear with capris and jeans. I have all kinds of colors because it drives me crazy to mismatch.

  7. Yeah, Lindi, there is something about those red shoes! I need to get a real comfy pair. I'll never forget how excited my Mom was (at 86) when her younger sister (76) bought her a pair of red shoes! Their excitement was so sweet to see!
    Jackie S.

  8. Christy--I'm not surprised about Mindy either. But you need to get yourself a comfy red pair. I'm not sure flip-flops are going to count on this one..but I love flip-flops too and wear then all the time.
    I read an article that says how bad they are for your feet, though. Who would have thought!

  9. Ang--I know what you mean about mis-match. I seem to never have the right color of brown. I have this standard pair I always fall back on, but it makes me crazy, too.

    Jackie--Hi there!! What a great story about your mom. How great! And what a sweet sister she has--knows how to make a gal smile! Love this. :)