Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special Authors

Missy, here. Have you ever finished a book by an author who made you sigh (or cry!) and wish you could write that way? I’ve always done that with books by Deborah Smith. And Karen White. And also recently did that after reading Dandelion Summer by Lisa Wingate.  I did it again a couple of weeks ago when I read Thunder and Rain, and again today when I finished Chasing Fireflies—both by Charles Martin.

Something about their writing really speaks to me. It makes me remember the characters long after the books end. It evokes emotion. It touches me personally. It resonates.

They’re all southern writers. I wonder if that’s why their work resonates with me? Or would I feel the same even if I was born in another part of the country?

Whatever the reason, I love books that touch me so deeply. They inspire me to want to write stories like that. Make me want to work even harder on my own writing.

Do you have any authors who make  you wish you could write like them when you “grow up”? :)


  1. Missy--Ah....yes. Deborah Smith- Love! And Rosamund Pilcher--she's amazing. Virginia Kantra--I love her style and the way she sucks you in with her heros---you want to marry them on the spot! I still remember Patrick McNeil after how many years now? That's a great author.

    I need to check out the books you've mentioned.

  2. I am just a reader, but have especially enjoyed reading all of Karen White's books...recently! I kept the library busy until I had read all of her older ones!
    She is a very good writer!
    Jackie S.

  3. Jackie, we're so glad you chimed in! We love to have readers hang out as well. :)

    Yes, isn't Karen great?!