Friday, June 29, 2012

The Doctor’s Devotion by Cheryl Wyatt- book review

Christy here, but today, my critique partner, and Laurie Award Winner, Dianna Shuford is filling in as my substitute blogger! Dianna will be returning with a Q&A with Author Cheryl Wyatt in the next couple of weeks, but today, we wanted to bring to you her review of Cheryl's latest book, released by Love Inspired, The Doctor's Devotion. Here's Di........

 A wonderful story of trust, devotion, and faith.

The Doctor’s Devotion is a wonderful story of love and faith in action. Lauren Bates, a nurse who walked away from her profession, returns home to Eagle Point, Illinois and her grandfather. Lauren finds herself being pressed into service at the new trauma center by Dr. Mitch Wellington. Mitch’s devotion to his calling, Lauren’s grandfather, and his patients shows Lauren that her faith in God’s plan for her life is where happiness can be found. Now, all she has to do is take that first step into her life’s new journey and Mitch’s arms to meet her destiny.  A truly satisfying story that will transport to you into small-town life with strong characters you’ll love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. This book is the first in Cheryl’s new Eagle Point Emergency series, and I can say with honesty that I’ll be looking for the future books in this series. Cheryl’s stories are definitely at the top of my “must buy” list.


  1. Dianna--Hello! Thanks for bringing Cheryl's book here. Can't wait to hear more from Cheryl. the book sounds great.

  2. I'm reading Cheryl's book now, and it's so good!!

    Dianna, thanks for being with us! And BIG CONGRATS on the Laurie!! That's the first contest I ever finaled in. It hit at a time I was really discouraged in my writing, and the final (and win) really encouraged me to hang in there. That award is really special to me. I'm excited for you!

  3. Sorry I'm a day late, but I'm on vacation with my family. You guys are wonderful for having me.

    Lindy- the book is awesome. You'll love it. Ask Missy.

    Missy- thanks for the encouraging words. Like you, it's my first win although I've finaled in other contests. It has boosted my confidence. Now, to finish those revisions!