Saturday, July 28, 2012

When It All Falls Apart! Discussion

Angie here: Welcome our guest, Pastor Riva Tims, with an excerpt from her book and a chat topic, When It All Falls Apart!  We're looking forward to a lively discussion and hearing your thoughts about this topic. We have some discussion starters at the end of the post. So jump right in...

Pastor Riva Tims, author of When It All Falls Apart!

Pastor Riva Tims Bio:
Riva Tims is the founder and CEO of Majestic Life Ministries and the senior pastor of Majestic Life Church, a non-denominational congregation in Orlando, Florida. She has been in ministry for more than ten years as a pastor and motivational speaker and is the host of her own TV and radio programs, as well as a successful entrepreneur.

Excerpt for discussion:
As I stared in the mirror, I didn’t recognize my own reflection.  Stress and depression had taken a toll on my face and body.  Barely able to stand, I could feel my heart beating rapidly, and my stomach was tied in knots.

The image in the mirror was also a reflection of my spirit man—weak and virtually void of life.  I wasn’t sure if God was hearing my prayers, and I began to question whether I would live through this pain.

When It All Falls Apart was written after one of the most difficult seasons in my life.  After a public scandal, I had lost my marriage, the church I helped found, and the life I had known for nearly fifteen years.  There were times I didn’t think I would make it though the grief, which seemed unbearable, but I found that God is faithful.

As I was going through my season of pain, anger, hopelessness, and confusion, I desperately searched for books and materials that would help me.  I didn’t look for books with titles such as Victorious over the Enemy or More than a Conqueror.  I wasn’t able to identify with victory at my lowest point.  I felt defeated.  I was looking for titles that talked about being crushed like a bug, so when God brought me through my valley season, I wrote my book to give hope to the hopeless.  I wanted readers to know there is something you can do when it all falls apart.

Maybe you have been there or you may be going through a serious trail or tragedy.  It is during this time that we are faced with two decisions.  We can either choose life or we can choose death. Choosing death is easier, but I thank God that I chose to let my situation make me better not bitter. 

My prayer is that When it All Falls Apart will encourage you and show you that there is a divine purpose in your struggle and that you should never let your circumstances, no matter how severe they are; cause you to abort your destiny.  Romans 8:18 says it well: 
The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (KJV)

I also believe God that you will receive the revelation that this life is temporal. 
There is an eternity waiting for us, and “our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all” (2 Corinthians 4:17). It may seem impossible to believe, but the trials we face will come to an end.  What we do for Christ with the little time we have on earth is what will last.

Some discussion starters:
Have you experienced your world falling apart?

Have you ever felt like Riva? (Don't show me one more victory. Show me how I really feel, crushed like a bug.)

What helped you overcome the sense of being crushed?

Do you believe there is divine purpose in struggle? Why or why not?

How have you dealt with humiliation or public scandal?

Ask Riva and/or the Faith Girls your own question...

Share your own testimony...


  1. Hi Riva and Angie:

    I’ve had my dark nights of the soul. The hyperventilation. The assured conviction that I was going to die. But the experience changed me. I discovered Unity and have thought only in positive affirmations ever since.

    It all depends on how you frame the situation. You can see everything as if the world is falling apart like a house of cards reduced to ground zero or you can see things as the falling away of restraints creating a new opportunity.

    I always think how the chrysalis falls away to provide a new and more glorious life for the emerging butterfly.

    I also can hear the words of a Kris Kristofferson song,

    “Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose”.

    The opportunity for a new beginning is not a small thing and is not something to be wasted. We see what is behind our eyes. If you look for the positive, you will find it. The best way to capture the positive is to always think in terms of positive affirmations. Choose only healthy life affirming beliefs. Never give evil a home in your thoughts. The more reality we give evil, the more reality it has. Evil thrives most when it is being resisted.

    While we may not be able to control outer events, we can control how we choose to react to those events. Once you realize that you can take control of your life, you become empowered to rearange the fallen pieces and create of new and more beautiful mosaic for your life.


    P.S. Sorry if this was too serious. I am a philosopher. On the lighter side, I think Riva might be too beautiful to be a pastor. I’d be distracted. It’s a guy thing.

    P.P.S. Angie: are you going to do a review of this book? I just love your posts.

  2. Not too serious at all, Vince. We want to open a good discussion. I fully believe all the difficulties we experience are for a purpose. When I can look outside myself and see how my pain can be used to help someone else, I think it's much more manageable for me than to think it's only hurt I have to survive. I begin looking for the lessons.

    Thank you for such a beautiful compliment!

    I haven't received Pastor Riva's book. Not by her fault. I was overbooked for the International Christian Retail Show. But her topic and story were so relevant that I wanted to feature her anyway :). And you are so right, she's a very pretty lady!

  3. Pastor Riva TimsJuly 28, 2012 at 8:29 PM

    Thanks Vince & Angie:

    God is amazing! You know with God He uses everything to allow us to arrive at a greater place in Him. However, during the initial shock of the pain it was HARD to re-frame my thinking. The hopelessness, confusion and anger, strangely enough was my invitation to go to a deeper place with God. I realized that I had to go within me and not place the emphasis on my outer world.

    This is where the shift began! I started to see life differently, I realized it was my responsibility to move the "broken pieces". As God began to guide me in cleaning up my "broken pieces" I became empowered to see my life from a different perspective!

    Pastor Riva

  4. I don't know if there is purpose in the struggle - but I do believe that God can use your struggle to illuminate your purpose. Like Pastor Riva talks about in her book when everything is going great we can become comfortable. We found something that works and we just stick with it - but when God allows our foundation to get shaken - we find things we didn't even know was there. Our faith becomes more real, our creativity begins to ignite more and we look for new avenues - when before the struggle we would not have even gotten on the road.

    I love also how in the book Pastor Riva talks about how it also made her more compassionate for others. She was now able to see how pain can make you more vulnerable.

    Struggle shakes us and brings to the surface things that were once hidden. I think as we work through those things and begin to clean and clear up area of our lives it allows for our purpose to become more evident. And not with less baggage - we are freer to walk in it.

  5. Pastor Riva,
    Your story speaks volumes to me as I experienced the same exact thing. I was once married to a Pastor for 10+ years, we started a ministry together and our marriage fell apart much the same as yours.

    I have not read your book yet but I know the pain of which you briefly speak here. I cried for almost 5 months when my world came crashing down around me. There were days where I had to force myself out of bed just to care for my growing children. It was by the GRACE of GOD that I managed to grow through the darkness of those day...

    5 years later, I am stronger & wiser because of the darkness of those days. Beauty was birthed out of the ashes of my marriage. While I am no longer in ministry life, I have such a heart for those in ministry that have endured such pain.

    Thank you for giving us a voice!

  6. I have experienced my world falling apart several times and wondering why God continues to show a magnificent amount of grace and merscy on my life. Through abuse, death, poverty, and abortion I realized that my going through and surviving is God's way of giving me my testimony so that others will understand the power of God's love and know they can overcome as well.

    My question is how do you embrace the calling that God has on your life without looking back in the past or standing in the face of people who knew you when and give your testimony?

  7. Hey Pastor Riva,

    Your book is amazing. I have learned how to forgive my mother. I have recently contacted her to start trying to build a relationship but she doesn't want one! Of course, I have cried but at least I have tried.

    I love how you choose to forgive your husband and how you still honor him! He was a great Man Of God. You both are my spiritual parents. What you went through was horrible, but we all must go through things to rain with Jesus! I love you :) Take care!!!

  8. I love your book. Its so encouraging. Im praying for you Woman Of God. May I ask you, would you like to remarry again or are you afraid of being hurt again??

  9. I read your book at a time when my marriage was falling apart due to lies and infidelity...I thank God for using you to minister to me at a time when others were telling me how to feel. Thank you!

  10. One of our anonymous comments asks: My question is how do you embrace the calling that God has on your life without looking back in the past or standing in the face of people who knew you when and give your testimony?

    I think the point is looking back and accepting we'll have people in our lives that don't want to let us succeed. But by using our experiences means not forgetting them. We have nothing, no wisdom to draw from unless we remember what we've been through.

  11. Hello Pastor Riva,

    I began reading your book while I was in the midst of my world falling apart. I was dealing with the betrayal of adulterous affair, abuse and divorce from my husband. In a very short period of time I lost @30 lbs, my home, friends and church family. I was deeply depressed and physically ill. It was enough to make anyone crack. But this is when I learned that God's grace truly is SUFFICIENT! In my times of isolation, the Holy Spirit ministered to me, comforted me and guided me.

    When I read a preview of Pastor Riva's book and she mentioned that she didn't want to read any books on victory...she wanted something to target a person who felt crushed like a bug. I thought to myself "Hey! That sounds just like me"! I couldn't order the book fast enough!

    This book was eloquently written. It's not just for women going through betrayal, it's for anyone that has experienced some type of loss or could be the loss of a job, illness, church hurt, relationship issues...etc.

    It helped me trememdously as I focused on the Word of God and learned what it truely means forgive. It takes you through every part of the rebuilding process including desperation, grief, accountability, humilty, forgiveness, praise and joy.

    Through my own experience, I have learned what it means to love unconditionally and to forgive. I'm still it the midst of my healing process, because it doesn't happen over night, but I finally have my joy back. I'm excited about my future and I'm determined to walk in love!!!

    Be Blessed!!!

  12. Hello Pastor Riva,

    I have purchased multiple books and given them out as bday gifts etc, to empower family members,friends, and coworkers.You can read "When it all Falls Apart" and pick up lots of tools to live in everyday life, especially the chapter on forgiveness ! My pastor is the epitome of strength and zeal, I admire and love her so !

  13. To Anonymous, When your world falls apart your assignment doesn't necessarily change. I came to the realization that God still required me to fulfill my assignment. I embraced Him and as a result my calling was still intact. Continue to pursue the Lord with all your heart, soul and body....your calling will follow.

    When you are free indeed people can't sway you. Your past is the past and it has made you who you are today.It is your testimony of the grace and glory of God upon your life.

    If the right Man of God finds me, I would like to remarry and so would my children lol.

    I am enjoying all of the comments and questions. Thank you for the positive feedback, I am extremely blessed that the book has been a blessing to so many. So keep the comments coming!

  14. I enjoyed reading your book. A awesome testimony pastor! Stay encouraged. Praying for you!

  15. Riva I loved your book so much that I gave all of my co-workers a copy! Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. I felt your Pain throughout the book.
    Please let me know if im getting to personal. I don't want to ask you a question that you don't want to answer. Why do you honor your ex husband, Is it because you still have feelings for him? I know he will forever be in your heart but he did you wrong. I couldn't do it even if I forgave someone. He must mean a lot to you for you to honor him!

  16. @Anonymous Have you ever been in love??? If not, then you wouldn't understand how someone could honor a person that means a lot to them! When you walk in true forgiveness you will be able to look at the good that they have done! You will begin to realize that the person you love needs help!
    Pastor Riva probably honors him because he was her husband, the father of her kids and her first love. She has great memories of him that will never go away! Now that he has passed away, she probably forever have feelings for him.

    @Pastor Riva your book is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your side of the story. Praying for you !!!

  17. Pastor Riva, welcome to our blog! Thank you, Angie, for sharing this book with us. It sounds amazing.

    I'm so glad to see so many new faces stopping by to comment. Thank you all!

  18. Riva I loved how God kept you and your children. You are a testimony how God can bring you through a horrible situation. But the story is sooooooo sad. Everything that happened to you is depressing! When I first saw pictures and videos of you and your husband on DayStar, it depressed me because I know that God could've restored you all. Look at what he did for Benny Hinn! It gets even more depressing because you have lost your husband and of course your children lost their father. Im glad that you are okay but the story ended horrible! It's very sad...

  19. Does God Have Just One Plan For Our Lives?

    I believe that the most important reframing is changing from the view that God has only one plan for our lives and that we must comply with that one specific plan. This runs counter the very idea of freewill. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. The Way need not be specifically serving as a nurse on an Amazon riverboat.

    I believe that God has an infinite variety of plans for our lives. At each point in our lives when we make an important decision, God adjusts his plan to provide a different path on our Way home. We are always free to choose a new future. A new path. This is why all things are possible for those who believe. This is also why sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they can change. Until then they won’t give up trying to meet the expectations embedded in the past. You don’t have to be what you once wanted to be. God offers us unlimited paths along the Way.


  20. I would have to agree with Ted! He made some good points. I love Riva Tims. She's a true woman Of God but her story is depressing.
    I also like the comments that @Vince has made!!!! Praying for you Riva.

  21. Hey Pastor Riva!!!
    I loved your book. I loved how you talked about the importance of forgiveness and love! Thank you for walking in true forgiveness .

    The bible saids that ALL THINGS work together for those who love the Lord!!! I was wondering why didnt everything work out for you? God held you through the storm but why didn't he turn the storm around to make it your victory?? Your situation got worse over time. God also tells us that he gives us the desires of our heart.

    I just couldn't imagine going through what you did and God didn't make it all work out in the end. Your story will help women over come hurt.
    Praying for you! Love you.

  22. I don't think Pastor Riva is looking for a pity party, she's not sad nor depressed.We have all (or will)experienced hurt, disappoint,betrayal at some point in our lives, most of us could probably write a book....look at what Jesus experienced.God allowed Jesus to go through horrible experiences, but loved him know less,and GOD DID make it work out in the end FOR YOU and ME!This is why God is so incredible,because he can re-route our lives like a GPS system know matter were we are. I believe he is using her right now to tell her story to teach forgiveness and obedience, and who knows what new paths he has for her in the future!!

  23. Hi Pastor Riva! Great to meet you and hear a little of your story.

    I do believe there is a purpose in struggle. One purpose would be to make us stronger. maybe to be there for someone else when they are going through the same thing.

    Your book sounds amazing. I'm sure you are touching so many lives! I hope to see you back here soon.

    Thanks again for being on the F.A.I.T.H. blog.

  24. Hi Pastor Riva I enjoy reading your book. I thank God for your testimony. I have been hurt in relationships more than once. I feel like there's a void in my life, and I feel left out. What is a single saved and santified woman like me should do? At times when I being to feel this way, I began to cry within. Even when I'm reading the word, I still feel like I need comfort. I like the part were you talked about purpose. There must be a purpose why things happene the way they do. How can I maintain my relationship with God, and avoid pity parties?

  25. @Anonymous, I can honor my late husband, as Pastor Jones, mentioned because, God has allowed me to walk in the power of forgiveness. Walking in the power of forgiveness allows me to walk in unconditional love to raise our children, pastor a church, and walk in the power of freedom!

    @Anonymous, everything continues to work out for my good just as God said in His word! God with His amazing love did turn the storm around to make it my victory! My victory is that I was able to make it through the storm and tell others about it so that they can find hope and healing. Not only that, I have the love and peace from God, my children, family, friends and my church family! That is victory!

    @Lakeesha in your situation, since you have been hurt in previous relationships, I would be empowered to go on a discovery to find out why you feel this way. Is it because of rejection, loneliness, abandonment, shame, guilt, etc. Examine why their is a void in your life by asking God. There is an negative experience or emotion that has weakened your relationship with God. When your relationship is weakened with God, you will have unhealthy personal relationships. Take the time to discover the origin of the void through prayer, and sound counsel, and your pity parties will turn into freedom parties!

    I am truly grateful that the book has been a inspiration to your life.

    Pastor Riva

    1. Pastor Tims yes you are right. Would I be running away from the truth if I move? That's my whole purpose of moving to Orlando Florida, to discover what God has placed in me. I am being reminded about they story of Abraham. Even though my dad didn't raised me, I always felt a void in my life. I was looking for love in relationships that was not meant to be. Yes there was a relationship that weakened my relationship with God. After I repented from what I said to this person, God forgaved me and so did she. It. was nothing we did, but it. was something I said to her. People at my church held it. against me for a long time. I wish I had the chance to tell you over the phone they whole story, but I understand how busy you are when being a pastor. I must continue to do what David did and that's encourage myself without leaning to my own understanding. Pastor Tims may God continue to bless you. Also I very seldom here from my friend in Europe because she is a co-pastor. Pastor Carla Griffith is my spiritual counselor. As much as I want to do for God, pray that I will find a closer counsel. God has already spoke in my dreams through songs. They were, I believe by James Fortune, He's Able, and Be Still by Yalonda Adams.

  26. Hey Riva! Your book is amazing. Thank you for forgive your husband and honoring him still. That is what you call TRUE LOVE! I wish he could see that you continue to honor him.

  27. Riva! Thank you for writing this wonderful book. You are a Woman Of God. I truly miss you being at ndcc! Why didnt you want to become senior pastor? Its your church & that was your husband. Im thinking about switching churches...where is your church?

  28. I agree with Linda. I would like for my pastors wife to be senior pastor of ndcc now. I miss you & pastor Zach @ ndcc! I use to be a member. I couldn't miss a Sunday. FIRE PREACHING...

    Thank you Riva for writing your book. If I ever experience betral. I will definitely open up and re read your book:)

  29. I'm loving all of this discussion. Such thoughtful and open comments. Thank you all for coming to our blog and sharing your hearts and encouraging Pastor Riva. Keep coming, we enjoy having you here.

  30. I would have to agree with Pastor Jones on the whole reason why she honors her husband. Im glad that she does. She has walked in forgiveness and continues to love him unconditionally. Just because someone does you wrong, doesn't mean you stop loving them and admiring the good they do.
    @Anonymous You have to realize that they had a good marriage up until the end!!

    @Lakeesha im praying for you! I hope that God will completely heal your broken heart! Take care..

    1. Amen thank you for your prayers. Much love in Jesus Christ.

  31. My sister husband died a few years ago. He was a pastor as well as a cheater. She stayed with him through it all.. But now that he is dead, she doesn't want to honor him at all. she has told me countless times that she has forgiven him. Is she really walking in true forgiveness?

    I told her how you still honor your husband and she replies and saids that you still must love him because she wishes not to honor her husband because she is over him. I truly believe that she hasn't forgiven him to say that!

    Your book will bring healing to many broken women! I love the book and it teaches me to love unconditionally.

  32. Hi Adrianne,
    I'm going to pop in with my thoughts as a trained Stephen Minister and certified life coach. I believe your sister and God are the only ones who know exactly how she feels. There comes a time when she has come to peace with her loss and allowed to focus on the future instead of the past. It's a very personal and individual process. No one handles it the same.

    Sometimes we choose not to bring attention to someone. We can respect what they were good at, but it doesn't mean they have to stay always out in front. She doesn't carry the burden of proof. Time has passed. Your sister may be ready to focus on other things, other people. That's okay. Honoring doesn't mean always talking about that person publicly or even talking about them at all. Honoring can mean not sharing the negative. She may be tired of talking about him. Imagine how many times she's been asked about him. Imagine how many people shared their opinions with her uninvited. How many times did she bite her tongue when someone else told her how to feel? The fallout from a spouse's behavior is often carried by the one wronged.

    Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to trust. Trust must be earned, forgiveness isn't earned. Trust and forgiveness are not equal--and not interchangeable. But carrying around the constancy of grief and an unresolved need for justice is fatiguing. At some point, she has to be allowed to lay it all down, let him go. Her own sense of vibrancy and life must go on.

    We can't assume another person hasn't forgiven. Sometimes people really do have to revisit the decision. Our human minds have the habit of bringing it up again and again. We don't have God's amazing ability to forget a sin against us. But we do have the ability to call on Him when our memory brings the offense to mind. Unfortunately, we can't control the minds of those we love. She'll need the space to process those feelings when they pop up from time to time. Follow her lead. If she wants to talk it out, that doesn't mean she hasn't forgiven. It just means her feelings surfaced again. Feelings don't equal forgiveness either.

    Grief, whether over death or loss caused by harm, is processed over a lifetime. It's more like the tide as it ebbs and flows. Sometimes it's calm and a pleasant walk on the beach. Other times the tide comes in and it feels like you're drowning. But the longer you live by the ocean, the more used to the tide and the waves on the beach.

    If I may be so bold, allow your sister the grace to believe she's telling you the truth. Leave the rest to God. Ask God to help you be sensitive and discerning. Try not to keep the past so fresh. When something is always "in your face", it's easy to become defensive and dig your heels in when you really wanted to step over the stumbling block.

    If she hasn't forgiven, she'll appreciate the space to breathe. It might help her to get enough distance to see it more objectively. If she has forgiven, it'll give her the ability to move on without constantly having him put back in front of her and stilt her personal growth. And either way, you'll honor her. She'll think you're the best sister in the world who trusts her to learn to live again after the tragedy. That will give her confidence, something she likely needs right now. How lucky she is to have a sister who loves her so much.

  33. @Angela thank you for your wonderful comments. The reason why I said I thought she didn't forgive him because she doesn't even want his church. She allowed someone else to take it. She was Co-Pastor of the church! It sounds like she doesn't want anything of his.

    But everything you said was true! I will give her, her space.

  34. Hi Adrienne, oh you hit the nail on the head. I it was his church, his dream, then your sister was a wonderfully supportive wife to work that dream with him. But now she isn't part of that couple dream. She gets to explore her own. I wonder what her dream is? And how does the excellent experience as a co-pastor support her journey now? How did God use that experience to prepare her for the new dream (or the one she pushed aside to be a help mate) now that she gets to explore what God has prepared for her in this new chapter. I think Riva has the joy of being in her dream for now. She obviously had a similar dream to her husband's. But just maybe your sister had a different dream all along and held back from it all those years. How wonderful both women have the chance to claim God's guidance in this new place in their lives.

  35. Hey Pastor Riva. You are amazing and you made it. Im proud of you. Are you having a service or are you going to a service for your late husband August 12th? I would like to come if you are...hopefully I will get the chance to meet you.

  36. The book is great to read when someone is going through pain. Love it!!! I also love that you want to open a center for hurting people in honor of your husband. Yes! Do it...:)

  37. PASTOR RIVA TIMS story is so relevant for todays world especially for CELEBRITY PASTORS,but also for "BIG" MINISTRIES Doing damage to the kindgom of SATAN because the attacks on that Ministry is way greater,(even though anyone or church doing anything to advance the kingdom of God will be attacked)The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy...Also the weapons of our warfare are not carnal....So the strategy or Mantel was for Satan and his demons to Destroy PASTOR ZACHERY TIMS, What was dearest to him?? HIS WIFE and FAMILY, his extended family "THE CHURCH," THE VISION OF THE CHURCH(That God Gave to PASTOR ZACK and RIVA)The powerful Out Reach for THOUSAND OF SOULS AND THE HURTING. PASTOR T.D. JAKES said it at his obituary...."Anyone that knew PASROR ZACK knew he tried hard to heal himself". If you listen to one of PASTOR ZACK'S last sermons...those with some spiritual discernment knew he was literally fighting for his life. He was saying he was fighting...he was crying out for help... But we as the church was so caught up in seeing him as the "Perfect" person/pastor we forgot he is human too. No excuses for his sins or actions which was wrong... that's when we all should have not joined the gossip committee and shaking our heads in judgement and rejecting the man or disregarding Pastor Riva's pain or fleshly advice...not broadcasting it across, the radio, and television the latest form of entertainment....just like the world does....these are A MAN AND WOMAN OF GOD lives, people's pain...NOT "THE GAME, BASKET BALL WIVES,OR HOUSEWIVES OF ATL....we all should have went into prayer and fasting (SPIRITUAL WARFARE) to break the devil's stronghold and attack on his LIFE, WIFE,FAMILY and MINISTRY. Then we should have took authority over the situation. ONE CAN CHASE A THOUSAND IMAGINE WHAT AN ARMY CAN DO!!! WE ARE MISSING THE POINT THE DEVIL IS FIGHTING UNITY" "ONENESS IN THE BODY OF CHRIST, IN OUR HOMES" THE DEVIL SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DISMANTLE AN 8000 MEMBER CHURCH LIKE THAT...LET'S WAKE UP PEOPLE...WHERE WERE WE THE WATCHMAN!!! OUR INTERCESSORS "When he opened up the door to that particular sin that "HE ALLOWED" into his life the enemy had a foothold. We had to break the stronghold...because when you give Satan a foothold he turns it into a stronghold if is not dealt with immediately. What does the word of God say when someone is caught in a sin we who are spiritual are to restore such a man...not tear him down judge him....God asks for us to be pray without hold the PASTOR'S in their rightful place.. Yes WE LOVE THEM And respect them...but LOVE THEM TO LIFE!!! So he (Satan) DISMANTLED the head "PASTOR ZACK" which in turn caused his WIFE, FAMILY and CHURCH pain SEE SATAN WASNT JUST AFTER THE MINISTRY HE WAS AFTER A GENERATION.... IT'S NOT ABOUT US...IT'S ABOUT THE "WHEN IT ALL FALLS APART" is NOT REALLY THE END OF THE STORY....CAUSE "WHEN IT ALL COMES TOGETHER" is when you will see what GOD does....with PASTOR RIVA....THE LEGACY OF HIS CHILDREN.....AND GOD'S VISION...SO if anything please Pray for PASTOR RIVA, her CHILDREN and the HURTING MEMEBERS of New Destiny!!! Behind/Besides every man GOD PLACED A GREAT WOMAN!! ...and as you see from her story their were many jealous women trying to steal her place...and take her position even in the church...hmmmmmm...BUT GOD HAS RE-POSITIONED HER.... watch....what happens....stay tuned to God...EVERYTHING THAT THE CANKER-WORM HAS STOLEN WILL BE RESTORED A HUNDRED FOLD...LOVE YA PASTOR RIVA AND FAMILY AND R.I.P. TO MY LATE PASTOR ZACKERY TIMS. HIS LEGACY GOD GAVE HIM AND PASTOR RIVA TIMS LIVES ON.

  38. Newest anonymous: You "get" it. You really do. Thank you for dropping by. Please come again :)

    We've enjoyed hosting Pastor Riva. We invite all our new visitors to come back and visit with us :)

  39. @Linda, thank you so much! NDCC was the vision that God gave both Dr. Zack and I. Currently, I am the Senior Pastor of Majestic Life Ministries in Orlando. Feel free to visit the website at: for more information. We welcome you to join us at anytime.

    @Lakeesha continue to be steadfast, unmovable and abiding in God's Word! For restoration, peace, understanding, hope and wisdom rest only in our God! You WILL come out stronger as you are obedient to His Word! God Bless you!

    @Blanca, No we will not have a service on August 12th, the children prefer to celebrate him on his birthdays.

    @Adrienne, I would agree with Angela, everyone has their own individual process they must go through when going through such tremendous loss. The process like Angela indicated will take an unlimited amount of time to slowly push through because there is a "loss" on multiple levels - loss of marriage, loss of spouse, loss of church family, loss of self, loss of friends, loss of finances, loss of security and the list can go on and on. Individuals that support the person grieving loss must give permission for them to just "be" without any expectations. Loving them through the eyes of God gives such great comfort, peace and support. So continue to pray for your sister and give her the space and time she needs to "grow" through. God Bless you for loving and supporting your sister.

    @Anonymous, yes we as a church must understand that our attacks are never about people, but truly about destroying the vision of God's people. This is why the Body of Christ must live in truth, righteousness and holiness! Living in truth will cause us to be wise, sober minded and vigilant against the attacks. We are truly not designed to fight each other but to fight against principalities and rulers of darkness!

    Again thank you for the words of encouragement on how the book is providing strength and hope!

  40. @Linda, thank you so much. NDCC was the vision God gave both Pastor Zack & I. Currently I am the Senior Pastor of Majestic Life Ministries in Orlando. For more information about our ministry, please take the time to visit our website: We welcome you to visit with us at anytime.

    @Lakeesha, continue to be steadfast, unmovable, and abiding in God's Word. For restoration, peace, understanding, hope and wisdom are only in Him. In your obedience you WILL experience God's best for you! If you believe it you will experience it! God Bless!

    @Adrienne, I agree with Angela when she says you have to give the person time to grieve their loss. When I was going through the process there were many trying to push me according to their own speed and not God's timing. When a person experiences such a tremendous loss it is so important to allow them the space and time to just "BE". The person is attempting to process and also go through losses on multiple levels while trying to lead a "normal" life - loss of husband, loss of marriage, loss of church family, loss of self, loss of finances, loss of security, loss of friends, loss of hope, and more. Everyone will process and "grow" through their process differently. The best gift we can give a person going through such tremendous loss is LOVING them and seeing the person through the eyes & heart of God. I pray God's best for your sister and thank you for being such a supportive and loving sister!

    @Blanca, No we will not have a service on August 12th, the children prefer to celebrate his birthdays.

    @Anonymous, As the Body of Christ we must understand that the attacks are never about the people, but truly about destroying the vision of God's people. This is why the Body of Christ must live in truth so the we remain wise, sober minded and vigilant about the things of God. For we are not designed to fight against each other, but to stand against principalities and rulers of darkness that set themselves against the principals of God.

  41. Nice book Pastor Tims.

  42. Riva your book is awesome! I can feel your pain throughout the book. Im so sorry what happened to you. Im praying for you. I pray that your book will bring healing to others.

  43. Riva your book has touched me! Im blessed that you have written this book! I feel so sorry for you :(. I truly believe that deep down inside Zach loved you but allowed himself to backslide into sin! I prayed for your marriage and Im still praying for you:) God bless you !!!

  44. I'm so glad that I have found this blog. Pastor Riva I have a question for you concerning my sister! My sister Sarah has been divorced for a year now. She's currently dating but still in love with her ex! She divorced him because he continuously cheated on her. He called her last week to work out his new schedule so he could see the kids. While he was on the phone, he told her that she was the best thing that ever happened to him, that he loves her and that she's a great woman and he hopes she finds happiness. She got off the phone crying because he didnt ask for her back or wanted to work on their marriage. I was wanting to know, does he still have feelings for her? Im asking you this question, because you have experienced divorced and you have also experienced your husband giving you mixed emotions about you alls marriage reconciling. I don't understand how he could say one minute that he loves her but not ask for her back!