Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Connectivity-A Way of Being

Angie here:
What kind of a person are you? I'm not talking about nice or not nice.
I'm talking about your way of "being".

Bridge connects one side to the other like a relationship connects people.
We imagine ourselves as the "star". Rock star, movie star, super successful business star...
But really, there's a way of being already engineered into us by God. Sure, I'd love to be the star actress who can sing, dance, and hold an audience captive. Didn't most of us want that as a kid?
I found out I am a different kind of person though. I'm a connector. 

A long time ago I heard a speaker on the personality types connector, maven, salesman. I'd forgotten it a long time ago too. But over and over I hear people say something that relates. Recently a lovely editor sitting by me at a dinner suggested I read a book called, The Tipping Point. She thought I'd enjoy it. I think she's right. As I plugged in "connector personality type" into the search bar, I found this: (try the quick test from this link).

A funny coincidence happened as I read through the excerpt from The Tipping Point. I realized I'd already read part or more of that book and heard a speaker on it years ago. Crazy! But I've been living it all along. Interesting. Connectivity-a way of being for me. It's just who I am. So the question is, who are you? 

For your consideration:
A connector-people who know people and make a lot of introductions. They tend to have over a hundred actual friends, make friends super easy, and like connecting their friends.
A maven-people who know a lot of information. They can't stop sharing information. It's part of them to teach, share, help.
A saleman-people who influence you, have the ability to persuade, and negotiate really well.

Need a little more clarification?

One more thought: I think it's possible to be a hybrid ;) What do you think?


  1. Interesting, Angie! I scored 25 on that test.

    I'm probably closest to a maven.

  2. Interesting, Angie! I scored 25 on that test.

    I'm probably closest to a maven.