Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Angie here: Have you ever been to a masquerade?

I love the mystery of the masquerade. But I've never attended one that worked like in novels or movies. One of my favorite masquerade stories is The Student Prince. The music alone is amazing in that old classic movie.

If you threw a masquerade, what would the theme be? You know, Greek mythology or Victorian?

I've thought it would be fun to have a "Literary Greats" theme. But after watching the movie, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I found out nearly the entire theater missed the puns based on the classic novels. How do I know? Um, I was the only one laughing.

So now I wonder if everyone has forgotten Alan Quartermain, Dorian Gray, and Captain Nemo. I about fell out of my seat laughing at Ishmael's pun while holding the limo door.

"They call me Ishmael." How many people have read Moby Dick? The classic quest story dropped into a modern adventure in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I read a lot of the classics. I saw a lot of the old classic movies too. But I hear the classics are being delisted. Honestly? I have a dream of being considered a writer of classics someday.

Would your characters be able to find a glamorous costume? Or would you go humorous? Would your guests know characters from the classics? Or would they all think the best sellers are the same thing? What do you think?


  1. Hi Angela:

    As a guy, I’d like to hold a "Tarts and Vicars Party" as was show in the movie “Bridget Jones's Diary”. I think everyone could understand that party.

    If I did a masquerade party it would be like they do in Venice. Just fancy masks. No need to come as anyone from history.

    If I did a costume party, I’d tell people to come as their alter ego. That way if you didn’t know who they were it would still be fun just trying to find out. :)


  2. Can I admit I'm a party pooper? :) I've never enjoyed costume parties or Halloween parties! Well, actually, I guess I enjoyed them when I was a kid. And I did enjoy making costumes for my kids when they were little.

    But once my kids got older, I felt stressed making sure they had a costume that would make them happy (maybe that's the keyword to the difficulty--the part about making them happy :) ). So after all the hoopla for the kids, I never wanted to pull together anything for myself! I guess I'm just boring!

    There is something very elegant about a masquerade ball, though! I love to read about them in stories.