Monday, August 20, 2012

Tales of Two Careers

Lindi here.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about having 2 careers. Working full time as an admin assistant during the day, then the writing gig early morning as late nights.

And I have a family. The kids are married and have their own places, but 3 out of the 4 live close by. We have a pool, so we have get togethers whenever we can.

I also have friends I like to spend time wtih.

i guess the list could go on and on. I, like all of you reading this post, have a lot going on.

So how do we balance?

Or, my question of late is, how do I say no and what do I say no to?

It's so hard!

I have started a schedule for my writing, my like I have at the day job. That has been helping. But there are other aspects to maintain and keep up with as well. Marketing, blogging and maintaining websites are important aspects of the writer's career.

So how do you balance? Are you ever overwhelmed with the commitments you've already made?
Please share!


  1. What a fun photo!! Looks like you were having a great family get-together.

    Love the pool! I need to head out again for another writing retreat!

    Balance can definitely be a problem. I just started tracking my work time (separating out all the facets of my work) to make sure I have a balance. The app is called HoursTracker.

  2. Missy--yes, we do have a lot of fun and a lot of gatherings around the pool.

    I haven't used HoursTracker yet. But it sounds similar to the day job tracking my work hours.

  3. I don't even work outside the home and I have trouble. Instead of balancing, it's more like a juggling act, though. I really gotta get that app Missy recommended.