Thursday, August 2, 2012

Under The Surface

Missy, here. I've been watching the Olympics every night. I'm worn out! It's from watching until they quit broadcasting at midnight our time. But I just don't want to miss a moment of the excitement.

Last night as I was watching the men's back stroke, I was amazed at how some of the swimmers seemed to glide over the water, barely making a splash considering how fast they were going. But it hit me...there's a lot more going on below the surface.

Their feet are kicking like crazy. Their hands are digging. Their stomach muscles are clenched and holding their bodies in position.

And aren't we like that sometimes? Above the "water" we're smiling and going on like everything is fine. To outsiders, it might look like smooth sailing. But below the surface we may be treading water, barely hanging on for dear life.

We need to learn to share our feelings with someone trustworthy. We need to admit when we need help.

It's an area God is still working on in my life.

What about you? Do you struggle with this, too?


  1. Great post, Mindy. One thing I've noticed is that people want to call out for a little support, but sometimes no one is listening. I've found it's hard to ask again when we've been ignored in the past. May I call out to Christians: respond when someone says they need help. Usually it's a really simple request, but to the person asking it might be their straw. Sisters, brothers, stop being so busy you can't hear the call for help. You just might be carrying a straw that would otherwise break the back of someone you care about. Or...their back might break because they're afraid to ask after being ignored. Don't be the one who wished he had...


  2. Timely post Missy, for me, anyway. I've got a good friend who is my go-to person, my confidant and she keeps me on the straight and narrow, reiterating what I already know to be true. We all falter sometimes, but both women and men need someone to lean on, vent to, so we can successfuly push forward.

  3. Angie, that's true. We need to listen and respond.

    Christy, I'm so glad you have that! I always know I can call Lindi for anything. She pretty much knows anything (good or bad) that's going on with me. It' nice to have someone to share with.