Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Makes God Smile?

Angie here:
Have you ever wondered what makes God smile? 
If he watches us and cheers? Does he laugh at his own jokes or watch to see if we will?

Mini-me? Or Mentoring the Mini?
Spanky the miniature horse truly bonded with our older horse, Chief. They visited, played, and kept each other company for  a long time. But when I look at this picture (or watch the joy on the face of someone who sees our horses) I can't help but wonder if it makes God smile too.

I wonder if God smiles when we feel joy. I wonder if God laughs when we laugh.
I wonder if God does or makes some of the things he does just to get a smile out of us.

What makes God smile?

Both horses are perfectly formed. Both are horses. But one is a perfect miniature. I wonder if God said, "Just for fun, I want to make a little mini and see what happens."

Every single person who lays eyes on Spanky...smiles. They grin and want to meet him. Spanky causes involuntary smiles purely from existing in the world.

You know what? I want to cause involuntary smiles simply because I exist in the world too.
I want to make God smile. I have a feeling that would be an amazing experience.

Have you ever made something just to see the result?
Does it bring you joy to cause smiles in others?
What is something you do that makes other people smile?

Great hint about being a smiling person comes from Cecil Murphey's book, Knowing God Knowing Myself. On page 12 I found this, "The joy comes in following our inner desires."
It's hard not to smile when you are full of joy.

PS You can find Cec Murphey's Knowing God Knowing Myself online as a new release. I believe you'll really enjoy it.



  1. I love that photo of the horses, Angie! You made me smile today. :)

    Thanks for the info on Cec's book. I hadn't seen anything about it yet.

  2. Hi Angie (and Missy),

    I love Cec's books and Cec. Most people don't realize this but all the profits from his books go into a special fund to help writers and conferences. I was blessed to be awarded a scholarship from Cec this year to the Speak Out 2012 (Carol Kent's ministry). I had a 15 minute appt. with Cec, got to eat breakfast with him one morning and of course took a class he taught. Such a humble, delightful and funny man!

    Thanks for the great post, Angie!

  3. Hi Edwina,
    I agree with you about Cec :) I want to model his humble ways. I've also been an awardee of Cec Murphey's generosity. I think he's one reason I have been able to continue in the writing industry.
    I'm glad you visited today, Edwina. You made me smile!

  4. Edwina!! It's so good to see you! I hope you're doing well.