Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Angie here:

Have you ever felt excitement for another person? I do regularly. It's an intense, deep satisfaction because you've walked the journey with the other person in some way. Maybe not the exact steps. But you've somehow been included in the ups and downs of the challenge. Then they have a success. And another. And another.

Each time that happens with one of my coaching clients, whether in writing, pageantry, or fitness/weight loss, I get more excited than when I win something special or earn some goal. But today it's all about Missy Tippens. I'm excited for her, with her, and about her!

Missy Tippens is one of our Faith Girls here. She's a writer that started out on the journey with me and the other Faith Girls back in 2006. I know she's been writing longer, but we banded together in December of 2006 after a couple of different conferences (both RWA and ACFW). We found kindred spirits and running mates just like Paul suggests in the Bible. We run the race together to reach out to the world for Christ through our writing.

In 2006, not one of us was published. Not one. Now 6 years later, not only are 4 of the Faith Girls multi-published, but the other 2 gals are hopping with contest wins and professional notches on their belts that stymie the average person. I'm so impressed with these gals because I know them behind-the-scenes. I know their dreams, hurts, families, goals, and the ministry God has given into their care. And I believe each one is talented and delightfully gifted. Each one is a beautiful woman inside and out.

But again, today is about celebrating Missy Tippens and her new contest succeess.
2nd Place! You can get A Family for Faith here.

Inspirational category of the First Coast Romance Writers Published Beacon Contest with A Family for Faith.

Thank you, God, for bringing such a talented, caring friend into my life to challenge me to continually write better stories, better characters, better art into my own work. Iron sharpens iron. And Missy is one awesome sharpener.

Congratulations to my dear friend, Missy! 

(And see you in Dallas at the ACFW conference tonight!)